Rising Up As a Mighty Force

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

July 19, 2023

Question: How can we keep our momentum of faith when worldly pressures push us backward? How can we avoid being stopped in our trajectory to soar upward and forward in Christ?

Lately, modern Christianity seems to have become a production house for demands, where we go to God for our needs, wait for answers and once served, leave to continue our daily lives (that is, until the next crisis arrives!). It’s like a drive-thru ministry, “Just answer my prayer, God, and I will be on my way!” Fast Food Christianity keeps us forever begging, never encountering the God who requires worship of Him alone.

There is a better way. We need to learn to wait on the Lord.

The Resurrected Jesus Christ could have easily given the Holy Spirit when He met His disciples. Yet the Lord did not do this: He wanted them to wait, to pray, to contend for days in the Upper Room.

Why?  The process of waiting is also the process of filtering.

When the multitudes cried for miracles, Jesus climbed up the mountain instead. Jesus never ministered according to the demand of the crowd. In fact, He often did the opposite. Jesus concern Himself with their long list of needs! Instead, Jesus just kept climbing and said, “Come to where I am”. In the location where Jesus is, we encounter the mighty force of God.

Our God waits for the arm of our flesh to fail that the arm of the Spirit may manifest in our lives.

God is very patient, with all the time of eternity, while our time on earth is finite. Let’s not waste more time!

When our pity party ends, our emotions have subsided, our heart has surrendered, and the only longing remains to worship Him, in that place, without offence or protest, we are ready to encounter God.

Our struggle is real. So is the infinite power of Almighty God.

Think about Moses’ life.  At forty years old, after killing an Egyptian, Moses ran away into the the wilderness, avoiding the wrath of Pharaoh, The threat was real. Pharoah’s capacity to crush Moses was certain.

For 430 years, the children of Abraham were enslaved by this spirit of Egypt. It was this same spirit which chased Moses for decades, forced him into slavery, a shepherd for his father-in-law, priest of Midian.  Relentless, this spirit steals destinies, tries to circumvent our movement forward and stop us in our tracks.

Moses’ solution to fight this force was not an arm-wrestling with this principality.  The spirit which had enslaved his father and his father’s father was a real force.

Yet there is a GREATER FORCE, a superior grace, a higher dimension: He is the LORD of HOSTS.

The force of Egypt sought to destroy Moses, but forty years later, Moses found a greater location. In the encounter of the burning bush, Moses was confronted with the FORCE of Almighty God. On this mountain, Moses discovered a Grace which generations before Moses, had never seen.

Herein lies our hope: By the force of God, Moses could take down the system of Egypt . With the greater system of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit fire which marks a Deliverer of God, Moses marched into Egypt, delivered his people and brought them out into freedom to worship our Mighty God!

Like the days of Moses, this generation is in bondage  We need the Fire of the Holy Spirit!

As believers, we need to understand the season we are in and recognize that just like the disciples in the days of Acts, we need to do whatever it takes to wait on the Lord.

Then, when the fire of the Holy Spirit comes upon us, we too, will have the grace to face down every Pharoah, to subdue kingdoms, to turn Egypt upside down and to bring our own people out of bondage!

The questions remains: Are we willing to wait on the Lord until we become the deliverers of this world, salt and light as Christ has defined us?

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