Burn Burn by Shyju Mathew Music

Shyju Mathew

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March 23, 2024

Hello Guarding the Heart Family!

I want to burn burn for You, till I am no more found in me, I want to hide hide in You, till they see You flow in me!

Is that your cry?

Revive Nations is thrilled to announce, Burn Burn, the latest release by Shyju Mathew Music!

Click here to discover, as Prophet Shyju explains the origins of this amazing song of the Lord.

Burn Burn came to Prophet Shyju, when ministering at the Prophetic Revival conference in Bangalore. Within moments, the whole assembly was singing and cheering this powerful revival cry!

Enjoy the Burn Burn music video and sing this cry of the Bride, that we may so burn for the Lord, we are found only in Him!

Let’s  get ready and burn for the Lover of our soul!

Jesus is coming very very soon.


Revive Nations

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