Ruby Eyes

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

June 11, 2024

Hey Readers,

We are thrilled to announce the latest song by Shyju Mathew Music: Ruby Eyes

Prophet Shyju shared on Instagram how this song came from a powerful vision where he encountered the Lord, Passionately he shared how the eyes of the Lord were like fire, but even more so, like rubies,  in this incredible encounter Prophet Shyju experienced.  Click here to hear this story…

The lyrics of this Powerful song are amazing, a tribute to our King of Kings:

Take me into Your ruby eyes, What and where and when and whys

You’re the Answer to the fallacies, You’re the Lighthouse in the darkest seas

Soft and tender make my heart, May I find You in the hardest parts

There’s nothing greater that I want

You’re the richest feast and the well-aged wine.

Take me, make me, what You want me to be, fully free

Here I stand on Your promises, No one can steal me from Your Love

You’re the heart and minds’ stability, You’ve saved me from the insanity

Take me, make me, You want me to be fully free.

Take me, What You want me to be.

This music video is a brilliant tribute to the Lion of Judah.

 To see the video for Ruby Eyes, head to Shyju Mathew music or click here.

Join us around the world as our revival cry erupts, “Take me, make me, Lord, what You want me to be, fully free!”

May the Lion of Judah encounter you this day!


Revive Nations

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