A Word to Fellow Filipino Brethren in Dubai

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

May 16, 2009

Dear Brethren in GCC,

It is my joy to write to you. I believe this mail finds you in the joy of the Holy Spirit. I now almost feel like Apostle Paul, writing letters to the Fillipino Church in Dubai. When I was with you few weeks ago, you flooded me with love, joy and blessings. I pray that the God whom we serve will bless all your ways and givings. Do not cease to be givers, for that is more blessed.

After the service in the Ramada Hotel, I came back to Bangalore where our Church is conducting a 21 day fasting prayer. During the second week, my Pastor asked me to preach in a session. We saw the glory of God hit just like how it happened at the Ramada. This time we saw the power of God fall on the little children and they started prophesying. Ever since, that has become common. Last night, after the crowds left, there was still more than 150 people worshiping God at one am in the morning. And in one corner, I saw children casting out demons and another corner, children prophesying; it reminded me of my childhood days. But yes, God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh.

Do not look down on little children. Jesus never looked down on little children. Jesus in fact, took time with them and choose to bless them. I was blessed by Pastor Bobby (GCC) when he emailed me about how he encourages his little daughter. Yes, it was similar encouragement from my mother that brought me into this ministry.

Last night ,a scene caught my attention: while the whole Church was moving like in the days of the Apostles, there was this little girl who was closing her eyes tightly shut yet pointing her little finger at people, seeing them in the Spirit and prophesying words of God into their life. My mother rushed to me and told me how accurate her prophecies have been. I asked my mom, ‘Who is the mother of the child?’ After looking around, my mom pointed out a lady behind the pillar. When I looked ,I was not amazed to see a small woman, her eyes tightly shut, interceding for her daughter with tears. Yep! That was and is and will be the key to the next generation ministers! I encourage every parent that you will go on your knees and ask God to use your child right from the little age, because God wants to use the innocence for His glory!

God is in the business of using holy vessels for His glory. Jesus used a donkey that was never ridden before. Jesus hung on a cross that was never used before. Jesus was laid in a tomb that was never used before. Even today, Jesus wants to use us 100% in all sanctity for a greater glory. If you will surrender today, right now, this moment ,GOD can cleanse you as a newborn. Therefore let us submit our life to God in our youth.

Don’t burn for the world, burn for Jesus. Use every talent, every energy, every passion and every minute for the glory of Jesus. At the end of the age, it will all be worth while.
There are barely days when I do not remember you brethren. It is my wish and prayer that you will grow in the Lord and that souls will be added to the Church everyday. Your beautiful faces, lovely smiles and passionate dancing to the Lord keeps inspiring me. I am waiting to see you in November –  let’s bring the City down for Jesus. Do your best and leave the rest to Jesus.

Your Indian Brother,