The Next Move of God!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

May 29, 2009

Dear Partners and Friends,

Blogging has been an amazing method to share with you my dear friends, all that’s burning in my heart. Only one confession: – Most of the times, procrastination has been my weakness. But this, what I am going to be share, could not be held down anymore, I was walking on the road when God spoke this Word into my heart and I had tears flowing and my whole body was shaking right on the street. I had NO CHOICE; I had to take time off to write to you.

Once you’ve read this, I want you to help me shout this Word on the roof tops, spread it everywhere and to everyone who loves the Lord and the little children. Because I believe we are in a season where God is using little children. I have never seen God touch so many children like I have seen in the last two months. I believe we are in the end time and the promise that we have in the Scriptures is that God would pour out His Spirit on all flesh!

Let me share my personal testimony: A few months ago I was ministering at our Children’s Church here in Bangalore. To say the least, it was just miserable as I failed to get the attention of these 150 kids who were shouting and screaming on top of their voices. I tried every technique, including screaming my lungs out, to get their attention. And yes, as you can rightly guess- Everything failed!

Before I knew it, I had my eyes closed and began to pray for the Holy Spirit to take over. Suddenly the kids became calm, silence filled the room and they began praying with me. I started singing a simple lullaby to the Holy Spirit, singing my own tune of how we love our Jesus Dada!  Kids caught up with me. Within no time the Presence of God had filled the whole room and some kids started weeping. The little children started praying. One of the most touching scenes that I will never forget, was when the youngest of the kids group, who were around 3- 4 years old, standing right in the front had gone down on their knees and I could hear them softly moan and kept repeating JESUS. And before I knew it, the whole lot of 150+ kids were weeping aloud and crying out one word, in one voice, “JESUS”. It was completely God; teachers had tears in their eyes. I backed out to the corner of the room completely consciousness of the tangible Presence that had come to visit these little children. The Kids Church was suppose to finish by 10.30 but when I checked, it was already 12 and the parents were queuing outside to see why their children had not got out, All they did there was pray! One parent reported how their child got home and started prophesying what God wanted them to do that week.

Three weeks ago, God blessed me with an opportunity to serve the ongoing revival in Dubai which has now crossed 300 days. I saw people hungry for God and His presence, meeting everyday to pray in a hotel. In the 2 weeks that I was there, I witnessed kids standing in the front rows awake till 1am & sometimes even 2am crying and praying with the adults. One parent told me how they would be exhausted sometimes to come but their child would pursue them to come to seek God.

A week ago, back home while ministering in one of our fasting prayer sessions, the power of God hit the room and the kids were the first ones to catch the fire. We had a dozen and more kids on the floor praising and weeping uncontrollably. No one understood what exactly was happening to them but we stood silently in awe of what God was doing. My Pastor’s grandchild who is 9years old is a very shy kid. But while I prayed for him, he told me that he felt a hand go through and through his body and it remained there. I told him “Why don’t you close your eyes and continue to pray?” And as I continued ministering with my eyes closed, I felt a tug and my mic was pulled out of my hand, and it was this child. I didn’t stop him because I knew him from when he was born and if he had to be so bold as to pull the mic out of my hands, it had to be God! Well what happened was just amazing: this shy boy started prophesying to the church with accurate details. During that time he said things that was already in my heart, but had I shared it, it would not have had that impact, because people would think that it’s just Shyju being excited about GOD, but when this child got up and said that “God wants His church to pray like never before, as God is taking us to a promised land.”,  the church was dumbfounded and the Fear of God filled the room and people prayed, like never before!

The service that started at 10 in the morning ended at 5 in the evening. Children started prophesying all over the place, even children as young as 5 years. There was this little girl who would point out her fingers to where people were standing out and prophesy accurate things  with her eyes tightly closed. The same outpouring was repeated in every meeting and sometimes, children were down under the power of God late into the nights during these meetings.

I remember telling the people; “You might not believe when I say it, that’s why God has chosen these little ones to dumbfound you.” This is true! I believe God is pouring out His fresh Wind on the little children and raising them as HIS ARMY through out the world. It was not a surprise at all therefore, when I heard two men of God who spoke to me from two different part of the worlds mention that they see little children in the front row of all the revivals & that children will be the first to receive the touch from God.

It is important that the Church knows & understand the times and the seasons. If we do not understand the times, we will miss out on what God is doing with us. I now encourage you to give special care and attention to your little children at home, church and everywhere. You may never know, God can use you to release an outpouring over them. Teach them little things of how much Jesus loves them and how God can use them if they pray, and leave the rest into the hands of God.

I am praying that God will release an anointing on you as you read this, that you might lay hands on kids and there be a strong hunger for God as never known & that they even prophesy over the nations!

What do you think is the reason why God chooses these little children to pour out His anointing and use them for His glory and ministry? It is very simple: we live in a time where we are hard-pressed to see true innocence and purity like in these children. I now remember what God said, “unless you become like these little children we will not enter the Kingdom of God” (Mat.18:3).

Let him who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church: God is going to send the end time revival very soon and He is using these little children to confound the wise.

1 Corinthians 1:26 (New American Standard Bible)

26For consider your calling, brethren, that there were not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble;

So right now, agree with me as I pray this prayer for you and the little children whom God will allow you to minister to.

Dear Father in Heaven, let they Kingdom come. As it is in Heaven, let it be on Earth. As I pray, anoint this dear reader for a unexpected outpouring of Your anointing, that will transform their life of faith and let a transfer of your Glory happen as they get in contact with the little children and even teenagers and youth. Let the glory of God fill them and let us begin to see the end time move of God! We give you the glory in advance for the great testimonies that will break out in our schools, houses and churches! In Jesus’ Name, we pray, AMEN!

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