Dealing With The Root Problem

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

December 8, 2010

[French Translation] [Spanish Translation] Our God is a God of strategy and whatever the Lord does, the enemy tries to imitate and duplicate. Being the father of lies, he never tells anyone an absolute lie. He begins by distorting the truth. Strategically, in stages, your enemy sows seeds that distort your perception. And before you know it, you are trapped in the clutches of sin.

When we begin to free ourselves the clutches of sin, we must always start from its root. If you do not understand where it began then chances are, you will never be able to deal with it effectively. Over time, it will continue to grow.

No one decides to commit a major bank heist overnight. They start with small robberies and when they found that they did not get caught over the multiple times they stole, their confidence grew and they let the clutches of sin grip them entirely.

So it is with all kinds of problems or blessings in our life. Everything begins with a seed. In Genesis 8: 22, we see the Word of God mentions that “as long as the earth remains there will be seed time and harvest.”

Seeds of Trouble

If your problem has roots then it is evident that it began with a seed. While you are waiting to deal with the seed, maybe in the meanwhile you are watering it with your continual thoughts, words and actions. Begin by identifying the seed. What is the source of your problem? And then destroy the seed that the enemy has sown.

The problem is that every time an issue takes root, it looks so small that you want to take the small risk believing that the consequence will be little. But what you then ignore is that seed which grows and so does the consequences.

Interestingly, the Bible says, “Do not let your anger set in, before night” Why? Because, it is in that night that the seed germinates and in that time of silence, is when the roots go deeper. And the more the roots grow deeper, the harder it becomes to deal with the issue.

1 Timothy 4:2 talks about, “having conscience seared with a hot iron.” When your skin is burnt with hot iron, the cells die and cease to have any sort of feelings in that area. Sin takes over and you no longer feel guilty about it.

Let’s read, 2 Corinthians 10: 4-6, “For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy the strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to punish every obedience, when your obedience is complete.”

Sin has power to take you captive unless you decide to take it captive. You have the power of God that is already in you. You make it active when you identify the stronghold and deal with it. Show no mercy to sin. Block the source of sin every day.

Rise up every morning and ask God to cleanse you and surrender every area of your life into the hands of God. If you are ready to deal with the source and begin to flee from it then the power of God will be your strength.

From issues of any kind, find out what the source of your issue is. If it is words then it must the source is your thoughts and if it is thoughts, what has caused you think them? Is it a person, a blog or a movie? Find the seed and dig it out. Give no foothold to the enemy.

Seeds of God

After you have dealt with seeds the enemy has sown, now enrich your heart and mind with the seeds of God. Refresh yourself in the company of with godly, humble and loving God seekers. Enjoy and consume the Word of God. Soak in that Word of God in prayer. Let the seeds of God take root and sprout.

When Jesus was talking about seed growth, He spoke about three wrong environments that caused the seeds to die. (Mark 4)

1.    Seed Fallen in the Pathway

These were exposed to birds that devour. Who are the people that surround you? Do they help you get closer to God or away from God? Protect your seed from those people today. You need to re-strategize your seed’s environment to be among those who help you pursue God with all your heart.

2.    Seed Fallen on the Rocks

This environment is that lie of self-righteousness, contentment and emotionalism. This has no roots and therefore will be easily uprooted in the midst of storm. Lack of spiritual maturity. Surround yourself with people that challenge you to grow higher than where you are.

3.    Seed Fallen on Thorns

This environment is filled with the cares of the world, deceit of riches and desires for carnal things of the world that master you and pulls you away from the reality of God.

Protect the things of God that is sowed in you. Guard your heart. Show no mercy to the lies of the enemy. Believe what the Bible says and dare to live it out LOUD!

And remember to sow seeds of love, peace and joy into someone’s life today.

You can, we can, live like Jesus, as more than conquerors on this planet.