The Surrendered Trust

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

January 12, 2011

Have you ever wanted to drive your dad’s car when you were still not a licensed driver? Well, I have with my dad’s old scooter. I have begged and pleaded with all sorts of excuses but he would never budge on his decision not to let me ride till I got my license.

Even though I would then feel like ‘life was so unfair’ yet I am more than sure that when I get my kids, I would not let them drive either without them first getting their license and would want to accompany them, making very sure that they can drive well on their own.

How many times have we screamed at God, “God, It’s not fair!” And all the while still know or ignore that He is our father and that He loves us enough to give His only son to die in our place!

We’ve heard about waiting. We have grown our bit of spoilt-christian patience too. Probably a month or two is easy. But what about 6months? What about Joseph in the prison for 2years? What about shepherd David who was anointed to be the King David and had to still wait for 14years running through the forests and hiding in the caves before he became King? What about our Lord Jesus who waited 30years with no miracles, signs or wonders whatsoever before His first public ministry?

Do we lose it? Where do we get fed up? Why do we stop trusting Him? It seems easy to trust God for a month or even unto a year. But what about after that? What about after you begin to feel you will never be married? What about that final stage of cancer? What about after your husband leaves you? What about after you lose your job or fail your last test chance?

That’s when it takes more than mere trusting. It has to be complete trust in full surrender.

A surrendered trust like that of Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego that says, “Whether God rescues or not, we will still not give up.” And no matter what happens, to trust and worship God like Job saying, “Blessed be your name.”

The surrendered-trust in God defies all kinds of delays and denials. Can you dare to pray, “As a sign that you love me, don’t listen to me Lord, please only have ur way in my life!!!”  And that is, “surrendered-trust.” A trust without a shadow of doubt and soaked in perfect love.

And that surrendered trust in God becomes your breeding ground for miracles.

Are you ready to get to that place in God in surrendered trust?