GTH’s 500th Post and a Mega Celebration!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

July 9, 2014

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It’s party time on Guarding the Heart (GTH) blog !!!

I am extremely excited to announce that you are currently reading our 500th post! Plus, till date we have seen over 1,500,000 views to our blog from across the globe.


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Now that calls for a celebration!

We celebrate the fact that God has brought us so far. We celebrate the fact that He connected us with you through GTH. In fact, we celebrate you!

Thank you for being an integral part of this community. Your comments, likes and shares have been instrumental in helping us reach this milestone.

The Best is Yet to Come And as a way of saying thank you, we want to bring some more great content your way!

Yes, we will be doing a series of guest interviews called #GTH500 series with some of the powerful leaders of our generation who will share their heart with the Revive Nation’s GTH community. (Expect wonderful surprises!) (See how you can be featured in the final ebook below)

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Update: #GTH500 celebration guest series!


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Top creative images, decided by maximum likes, will be featured in our forthcoming eBook of the #GTH500 series of Guest Interviews and also on our Revive Nations Instagram account.

All the best!

Meanwhile here is a list of top 20 all time popular posts on Guarding the Heart:

“Real love is based on having Christ as the centre of the relationship!” [tweet this] “A successful Christian is not someone without sin but someone who leans on Jesus everyday for fresh grace and mercy!” [tweet this] “By soaking in God’s word, we activate our faith that helps us walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.” [tweet this] “No matter how broken your life is, God can still make a masterpiece out of you.” [tweet this] “There is nothing we can give to God that is not already His” [tweet this] “No matter how undervalued you feel when you value yourself, everything around you changes.” [tweet this] “Dreams are God’s ways of exposing things happening in the invisible realm” [tweet this] “Your heart is as strong as your intake through your heart and mind.” [tweet this] “Creativity is not confined by a limited budget.” [tweet this] “There is no perfect person, so find a partner that loves the perfect Jesus.” [tweet this] To speak in unknown tongues is to let Holy Spirit overflow through you. [tweet this] The enemy’s only objective is to disconnect you from walking with God. [tweet this] Never quit running to God because God never quits on you. [tweet this] Your desires are rooted in what you have been feeding your five senses. [tweet this] All creation is an outstretched finger pointing towards God. [tweet this] Don’t just study your Bible, love your Bible! [tweet this] Temporary solutions to cultural issues cannot be made prerequisites for eternal salvation. [tweet this] Let go of everything that holds you back from your destiny. [tweet this] Don’t feed your quick gratification appetite of lust over true love. [tweet this] In prayer, problems don’t necessarily change but you get a God-perspective of the problem. [tweet this]

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