Five Love Languages That Can Help Your Marriage

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

April 23, 2011

Humans have many ways in which they express their love and out of which there are five key categories called the love language. Soon after our marriage we did the Love Language test by Dr. Gary Chapman and found some interesting variance in the way we expressed our love.

Many marriages struggle and partners feel unappreciated and unloved because the love languages go undiscovered. You think they do not love you but the truth is that the way they love may be different from the way you express or expect love. You can also buy the book here

Go through these five Love Languages. Check out which one you or your partner belongs to.

Words of Affirmation
For some people hearing the words, “I love you,” is more important than the reasons behind their partners love. Genuinely meant compliments and words that affirm their commitment to you means everything. At the same time negative words can leave you drained and broken.

Quality Time
For you LOVE is spelled as T-I-M-E. Nothing in the world matters to you more than undivided attention of your partner. You’re day is made when your partner switches off the TV, or gets out of the kitchen, switches off their phone and spends quality time with you. Failure to do so, distractions and postponing time to be together can be very disappointing to you.

Receiving Gifts
Not necessary that this means that the person is materialistic. It can be a simple thoughtfully prepared greeting card. Simple everyday gestures make their day. The efforts and thoughts behind it makes them feel loved. Missing a birthday or anniversary would devastate that person.

Acts of Service
An act of making coffee or helping them in the kitchen can also be a language of love to some. Anything you do to help or ease their burden will be considered as great care and love.

Physical Touch
Not necessary that this has to be intimate bedroom actions. A person whose love language is Physical Touch may enjoy a simple hug, pat on the back, holding hands or a thoughtful touch on their arm, or face. These actions may be read as concern, care and love. Physical presence is crucial in this case. Lack of it may feel as neglect or rejection.

Now, take time with your partner to find out what is your love language. Have you been catering to it? If not, now is the time you should begin to make amends.

Use this widget below to find your love language. It will ask you for your Name and email address. If you do not like to give away your info, you could still skip to the questions.

Did you discover your love language? Your love language vs. your partners love language – do you need to do a lot to reach out to your partner? If so how have you been adjusting?