Celebrating India’s Independence Day!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 13, 2011

India, Wishing you a wonderful Independence Day Celebration! 

Some of you who have followed us long enough may remember that we had a different website where I used to write poems on a regular basis. For some reason, I got caught up in the last few years and I had laid down that part of me.

But today on account of this beautiful day where we remember the Independence Day of India, I want to share with you some thoughts that stirred within me for my country. And I hope India is listening!

With freedom’s smell filling the air,

The armed and the unarmed fought the fight.

With a young heart that believed with all her might,

On 15th August, Nineteen Forty Seven,

You found freedom dropped right from heaven.


Some paid the price in chains,

Others paid the price with their lives.

However, the freedom you enjoy today,

Was not free but bought with a price.


Hear me out now Dear Young India;

The chains on your arms may be loosed,

But the real freedom of your soul you must choose.

You now have no man to unlawfully command,

But don’t abuse freedom’s key that’s in your hand.


Is it not the Lord who has been merciful?

Fear God and it will all be well with you.

For promotion does not come from the east or the west,

But from God in whom – you must – your case rest.


Now as our fathers of old did,

Cease not to seek that which is real,

He will then lead you from darkness to light.

Cease not from asking: What is the truth?

Then the Truth and the Light will set you free!

Let us not cease to pray for our great nation, India. Thank you for reading. Let me know what thoughts come to you for this nation on this day. Please leave your share of thoughts in the comments section below.