Steve Jobs – What Can We Learn From Him?

Blessen Varghese

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October 8, 2011

This is a guest post from my friend, Blessen Varghese. See his other post on GTH here.

I’ve never owned any Apple product. Ever. Not even an iPod nano. I am not sure if I will ever join their consumer’s club. Yet, when Steve Jobs lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on 5th of October 2011, it seemed more like a personal loss. And I am sure, I am not alone. There were many around the world, who were deeply saddened by the demise of this great innovator.

Please note – most of these guys have never met Jobs, and many, like me, don’t even own an Apple product. Why then was there grief across the world over somebody they’ve never met? Well, that’s what ‘game-changers’ can do! Make an impact, not just in people’s minds, but also find a place in their hearts.

What is it that made Steve Jobs special? What can we, as children of the living GOD, learn from this once-in-a-lifetime entrepreneur?

After studying and reading about Jobs, here are a few things that made him stand out from the crowd:


Steve Jobs was a visionary and he ensured that he took his company through his vision whenever he was at the helm. In fact, during his decade long absence from Apple following his ouster in 1985, Apple went through some tumultuous times for the lack of quality leadership!
One of the biggest obstacles that the church faces today is the lack of vision, especially in its leaders. Unless we set out with and towards a God-given vision, the church is just going to be a four-walled structure. Quite often, this results not just in lack of growth, but a slow, but steady stagnation. Have a God-given vision and a SPIRIT-led direction. 

Ahead of the Rest:

Steve Jobs thought ahead. Always. He never went with the flow, but was always one or more steps ahead of the rest, perfectly showcased with the launches of path-breaking products like the iPhone, iPod, and iPad! His approach was ‘people don’t know what they want. We tell them and give them that.’

How amazing it would be if believers had the same approach? We are often happy with what we have and we just go on with our Sunday-to-Sunday routine! Do we realise the fact that people around us don’t quite know that they are lost? They won’t approach us (more often than not) with their needs. We need to GO and tell them about JESUS. We need to recognise their need that they may not even know about.

No Quitter:

Jobs had to go through a lot of ups and downs in his life. Right from the very beginning, when he was put up for adoption by his biological parents, to him being fired from Apple, to his fight against cancer, this stalwart had to fight through a lot of obstacles in his life. In fact, the beginnings of Apple can be traced to a garage. Yet, not once did Steve Jobs quit his passion – computers, technology!

Very importantly, every time he fell, he got up. He had a comeback! As was evident when he came back with some style to Apple, making him a legend not just within Apple, but to the tech-world at large.

Children of GOD have a thing or two to learn here. How often do we give up when obstacles come our way? I believe obstacles are GOD’s way to make us stronger, agile and alert. Whatever these are – sickness, unfavourable attitude from our near and dear ones, tough financial conditions, etc., do they push you down forever? They shouldn’t. Get up.

Hold on to your passion – and let that passion be none other than JESUS. HE ain’t gonna leave you. He aint gonna forsake you. You’d have a guaranteed comeback!

Remember Joseph? He didn’t give up on GOD either! Rest, as they say is history! (Read Psalm 91 to know about his divine protection over you).

Loved His Company:

Steve Jobs in the last decade and a half became synonymous to Apple. People picked up an Apple product and they had Steve in their mind. Steve gave his heart and soul to the company he founded. He loved his company. He loved his job. That’s what made him the face of Apple, and thus, also the face of the 21st Century Technology.

How much do we love GOD? Does any of our ‘products’ make people see JESUS? Our attitude, the way we talk and walk – does it showcase JESUS? Remember, only if we truly love JESUS with all that we have can we truly reflect HIS glory to those around us. II Corinthians 5:20 says, “We are Christ’s ambassadors…” We are to be HIS spokespersons here. And we can do that only if we love HIM!

Steve Jobs truly was a legend. He may not have been a child of God, but some of his qualities should inspire us. Like him, why can’t we leave a legacy behind when our time here is done? A legacy that doesn’t point towards us – but towards JESUS. Stay hungry… for more of JESUS!

Has Steve Jobs challenged you in any way? There might have been other things about Steve Jobs that you could draw parallels with. Share them in the comments section below.


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