Why is it Important to Guard Your Heart?

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

October 5, 2011


Apostle Peter gave us a brilliant reminder when he said that husbands should treat their wives right so that their prayers may not be hindered. But is this true only to husbands? It certainly is not! It is applicable to all believers.

In that verse, it is more than just a matter of rights; it is a matter of the heart.

You see in Genesis 20, God divinely speaks to a gentile king through a dream and stops him from sinning because of the integrity of his heart. How much more would God honour a child of God who guards the integrity of their heart?

Note that the Bible says that Ezra prepared his heart before he sought the Word of God to do it and teach it. (Ezra 7:10) It is the same with us. This is the very reason that an unstable heart, a fearful heart, a bitter heart, an angry heart, a jealous heart, a lustful heart or an inconsistent heart cannot tap into the fullness of God.

We need to guard our heart to understand His Word, hear God’s voice and before we can effectively minister God’s power to people.

You cannot afford to allow your heart to be quenched, discouraged or be affected by sin. The vision is crucial. You have a mission ahead. There are greater things to be done. And for all that and beyond, your heart needs to be in tune with God.

 Here’s an action plan with simple steps to keep your heart guarded:
  1. Learn to let go. Remember offences are inevitable and will happen, so make sure you don’t hold onto it.
  2. Learn to let go quickly. Don’t take a day. Don’t take a month. Start seeking God immediately and enjoy the freedom of God in your mind and heart.
  3. Repent quickly. Give no space for bitterness or unforgiveness to breed! Remember who you are in Christ; live up to that greatness.
  4. Practice saying sorry when you did something wrong to someone and ask for their forgiveness. Both are equally important.
  5. Enjoy being dependent, completely and continually on the Holy Spirit. Doesn’t the Bible remind us that we can do nothing on our own? Cry out to the Holy Spirit and tell Him how helpless you are without Him. Believe me; He listens and He will help when you diligently seek Him.
  6. Pursue God to renew your heart daily. Daily is the key! (Read the post: “5 Reminders to Finish Well”).
  7. Practice keeping your heart pure for the King! I live not for me; I live for my King!

That’s it, my friend! Keep your heart pure for the Lord’s use. Your prayer will not be hindered. And you will see great glory ahead! Give no room for the enemy. Go on into your destiny!

How do you guard your heart? What are the areas that God has given you victory over? Have any points to add to the list above? Share it below!