Louie Giglio – What Song Are Stars & Whales Singing?

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

October 15, 2011

You have seen the stars twinkling in the night sky, but have you ever heard them ‘sing’…that too pairing up with whales; another among God’s magnificent creation?

Sounds crazy?

In this clip, Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church, Atlanta, and founder of the Passion Movement, presents some amazing illustrations from two diverse elements – the sky and the sea – to illustrate the supremacy and magnificence of our God.

According to Louie, research indicates that Quasars (star-like massive celestial objects in the universe) emit powerful sound signals. Now, when the tempo of this sound is reduced, and if this is superimposed with the unique sound that whales make, it perfectly fits as the background beat of Chris Tomlin’s ‘How Great is Our God“. Wow! isn’t that mind boggling?

‘All creation is an outstretched finger pointing towards God’

Indeed, as the psalmist resonates in Psalm 148, all creation – the skies, stars, ocean, mountain, animals, birds and men – bring forth praise for the Creator.

Again, David says in Psalm 19:1,2 that God has heaven as His spokesperson to preach a message of His glory, day after day!

Have a look at this video clip:

p.s.: The 14 minutes are beautiful but if you are hard pressed for time, jump to 8 minutes on.

Why is The Universe So Big?

Astronomers are perplexed: why is the universe so big? And they are saying “There’s got to be more people in this place. It’s way too big if it’s just for you and me.”

Here is how Louie puts it…

“I agree, if the universe was created just for humanity, it’s oversized. But if they knew the universe’s primary function was not to house humanity but to magnify the Creator, they would know it’s just about the right size.”

God, who doesn’t need anything, yet…

Here is something for you to ponder upon.

Our God is a God who doesn’t need anything. ‘I Am Who I Am is His name. By His word the heavens were made; by His breath the stars came into being (Psalm 33:6). The sea is His for He made it, and His hands formed the dry land (Psalm 95:5).

And yet in the midst of this amazing expanse that He has made, God calls you by name and longs for your fellowship. He waits for you to call out to Him. His ears long to hear what song you have got to sing for Him. A song that has never been sung before; a song that does not run on borrowed words; a song that is birthed in your heart for the Lover of your soul.

Here is a chance for you to pen a love song for your Father. Write your own psalm for your creator (even if it’s simply two lines).