The Invisible Wounds of a Warrior

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

December 7, 2011

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The warrior-warrior! He’s a deadly warrior!

His name is well known in the popular circles!
He is celebrated, admired, and talked about by many.
He is surrounded by people all the time yet no one understands the loneliness he goes through.

He seems to have many friends that claim to love him to pieces, but what he really has are fans who simply adore him. It seems like communication is a piece of cake to him yet there are really only a few who really (at least partially) understand him.

You’re probably wondering that who could I possibly be talking about. Well, I am talking about the warriors in the body of Christ. They could be prayer warriors, pastors, worship leaders or cell leaders.

If there is one job that by no means is easy, it is certainly to live a life of service. It is that one job where one day you will hear “Hosanna” and another day hear the words, “Crucify!”

The wounds of a warrior are much. They are the invisible wounds of a soldier fighting for everything and everyone except for themselves. They barely find time to heal. They cannot wait. They must move on. In the process, they bleed from time to time. But it’s rarely seen. Many a times, their only encouragement is the presence and life of Jesus.

One day, my pastor had to deal with a prominent preacher who had gone through a certain scandalous situation. He began to seek God for wisdom to handle it rightly. The Lord spoke to my pastor who had served in the army in the past. “The nation has Red-cross and many exclusive organizations and army hospitals to treat the wounded soldiers of war but my church has none.” (Paraphrased)

We are quick to praise a man to fame and even quicker to pull him down from that pedestal. No wonder God sticks up for His prophets and men of God and says, “Do them no harm!” It was not because they were perfect. But because they were vessels that He chose to serve Him in His Kingdom. In fact:

God never chooses anyone who is perfect. We are all work-in-progress.

In fact, some of the greatest warriors in the Bible had some terrible flaws. Yet they went back to God, wept before Him and acknowledged that it was not for their name but for the people that God had chosen them.

Let us also not forget that they face the highest attacks of all sorts from the enemy who knows that these men and women of God serve as high risks to the kingdom of the devil!

How do you treat the warriors of God? Are you too quick to pass judgement and look down on them? They are as human as they are. They have their own egos, strengths, weaknesses and frustrations that they put down in surrender before God for their love for Jesus and to serve you.

Today or in the future, when you find a warrior (wounded or well), would you take a minute to appreciate, encourage and show them a little of God’s love? May be your email, sms, phone call or a prayer will bring healing to their invisible wounds.

Let our generation be different. I pray that you would reap the honor you sow and may the love of the Lord rest upon you and your generations to come.


Discuss: Do you know about your leader’s sacrifices? How have you treated your warriors in your life and in your church? How have you learnt to honour them? Please share below.
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