10 Power Lessons Kathryn Re-enforced in Me About God

Shyju, Tiny and Kathryn Mathew

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

April 19, 2012

1. Your Limitation is With the Knowledge of God

Have you seen a little baby snugly wrapped? Our baby Kathryn hates being wrapped.

We wrap her up well only to see that moments later she has successfully kicked her way out of it.

However, her mama is relentless in wrapping her again, and this time more carefully.



It reminds me how many a times we want God to do things faster, sooner, better and smarter. But the truth is that our limitations which God has allowed is for our benefit beyond what our eyes can see.

2. Some Issues are From the Mess Underneath

It did not take us long to figure out that not all the crying is for milk. Sometimes she just needs a loving clean up/nappy change.

However as Christians we do not want to accept that all the time. Sometimes we are stuck because we have grey areas in our lives that do not allow God’s power to manifest in our lives. It’s important we clean up on a daily basis crying for more of His grace each morning!

3. God’s Eyes and Ears are Tuned to You

Human limitation compels us to sleep after a while of watching Kathryn. Yet our ears are very tuned to her slightest breath and cries.

The Bible says that God does not slumber. The only we reason we do not recognize and experience that truth is when our eyes are not tuned Him.

4. All Your Needs are Met in Christ

Baby Kathy has no need. Nothing whatsoever.

Think about it, from Psalms 23 to dozens of verses in the bible reinforces that truth yet time and again we fail to fully trust the Lord implicitly.

5. God Has Plans to Prosper You

After barely days of her birth, I found myself planning her future. I had to step back and say, take it easy man, Jesus is in control.

One of the greatest tricks of the enemy is to try and make you doubt God’s plans for you! And we fall for that trick in doubt and despair. This is a gentle reminder to get back up!

6. Jesus Never Left You

There’s not a minute when Kathryn is left alone.  A month and a half ago no one else could wake me up. Imagine me springing up at 4am for Kathryn at her weakest cry.

Jesus said, Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Yet, it’s a truth that many find it hard to believe as they judge based on the circumstances they see. Truth is we would have perished long ago if God was not on our side.

7. Heaven Cares

Every time I hear a sneeze or even hear Kathryn breathe heavily, we stop in our tracks. We are making sure she’s alright.

If humans like us take so much care of our children. How much more does Jesus care about His children that put His trust in Him. Cease to worry and trust Him now!

8. You Have Unseen Protection

Its a sight to see when someone else carries Kathryn. We stay close to catch her incase of misguided steps. Our eyes glued to the baby to make sure all is well. I found myself explaining to my dad how to carry her just to become the joke of the day!

It is true my friend, there is nothing that God does in your life to destroy you. Even those things that don’t make sense to you will turn for your good!

9. You are Celebrated

If you have followed us sometime you know how crazy I have been online about Kathryn. She has a blog. Hey, she’s even got an active twitter account. I snap dozens of pictures of her every day! And guess what, you only see just 10% of how much we celebrate Kathryn. 

Now, imagine God. Let’s start with, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son!…” Yes, for the sinners like you and me.

JESUS celebrates YOU – unconditionally! That may be the biggest truth that the devil will hate for you to know and understand!

More than ever before, the unconditional love of God blows my mind. If God loves me more than how much I love Kathryn, then He must have to be God! Only a God can love a sinner like us. Oh, how wonderful are you God!

10. God Wants You to Live Free

Last but not the least, Tiny noticed, she’s so free! Kathy has nothing about this world that bothers her. No insecurities. No ego. No anxieties. No worries. Absolutely nothing.

We grown ups waste majority of our day being anxious about tomorrow even after Jesus reminded us that tomorrow has its own worries.

And remember, Jesus reminded us to become like little children. No matter what is bothering you today, I pray that you will caste your burdens on Jesus for He cares for you!

That’s all for now. But I am sure Kathryn is going to teach us a lot more. So then I’ll share with you when I learn 10 more lessons from her!

Discuss: What point spoke to you the most? Is there something you have learned from a little child? Share with us your thoughts?


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