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Shyju Mathew

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April 17, 2012

Have you watched an ocean? The most common cause of surface ocean waves is air movement (the wind). The harder it blows, the higher the waves.

Life can be compared to these waves that periodically have a tug of war between gravity and water pressure created by unplanned winds creating waves.

However, Christian life is not to be hidden behind the security of this world. It is Jesus calling you out of your human securities to walk by faith on what logic calls sinking ground.

The only way to see the supernatural happening in your life is to step out by faith with your eyes on Jesus.

Ask yourself if you have been looking at the waves so long that now you have been breathing it in. It then becomes a part of you, and you begin to embrace it.

How it is supposed to be is that you gaze into the eyes of Jesus, breathing in the peace He gives, and embracing the truth that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you.

Walking in the victory of the cross of Jesus depends on you fixing your eyes of faith on the finished work of the cross.

If Christians are foremost trained to fix their eyes on the author & finisher of faith, then everything will be fine!

There lies the problem, we have many teachings on overcoming the problem but few that trains one to keep their eyes on Jesus.

Don’t let your human association or tides of your circumstances determine your position with God. If you can “stay” your mind on Jesus, you will have perfect peace. Isaiah 26:3

Develop a strong heart that is influenced by God and no man.

Your satisfaction is not based on the quantity or the quality of blessings but on Jesus being your joy!

The only trouble a Christian ever has is the trouble coming from taking their eyes of Jesus!

That is good news, if you will learn and relearn to keep your eyes on Jesus today and the rest of the days of your life.


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