What Does It Really Mean to Be a Donkey for God?

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

April 17, 2014

Did you know that the story where Jesus rode on a donkey is a favourite passage for many that want to or are already being used by God?

But being a donkey for God is more than being used for God. It is not about being used when you want to be used but about His plan.


Quite often, we are excited about God using us, but there are times when He wants to just work in our life and not just through our life.

God also wants to shape and mould us, and these are the times when He puts us on hold or pause. Don’t let these times go wasted. This is also when desperation and disappointment sets in because your flesh is craving for something else other than what God wants.

But in that time of moulding is when you need to praise God the most, because He is preparing you for something greater.

Check your motivation today. If your motivation is based on your walk with God and on how He will use you, then these times of being paused will discourage you. God will wait for us to get to the right place with the right motive at the right position in God.

One thing about God is that He has all the time in the world; unlike us. So it is better to pursue God for the right reason. Otherwise you’ll find God waiting for you – endlessly.

“So yes! Use me, God, like a donkey and even when you don’t use me, I still love you. I love you because You first loved me.”

Don’t tell God how He must use you. Ask Him to use you however He feels fit. The perfect mule is the surrendered one.


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