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Shyju Mathew

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December 19, 2014

I write this post to you with urgency to raise prayer support for the four city revival meetings planned in India. God is sending me back to my country after two long years. And it is my honour to be able to serve my people once again.

Starting with Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi, we have planned a one evening conference in each of these cities.

By the grace of God, our partners and friends have been the biggest support and reason of blessings for all our ministry endeavours. Thank you for all that you do in the name of our Lord.

Can I ask you to do the following for these meetings:

1. Fast a day each for each city that God is sending Revive Nations to. (Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi)

Without going into details I’d like to state that there have been a few warnings of persecutions and the new issues rising up in India due to certain political factors.

Would you pray that God would protect these meetings, and that there will be a fresh fire of God that will consume the sword of the devourer.

Your prayer will allow these meetings to raise up an army of Jesus lovers.

Please pray that God would send a revival to India. You don’t have to necessarily do all the four days of fast in succession but if you will kindly join in fasting and praying as the Lord leads before the 19th of January.

If you plan to fast, kindly take a minute to let us know the dates of your fasting below in the comments section.

And even if you are unable to fast, would you take a minimum of 4mins to pray for these 4 cities everyday?

2. Block the dates on the calendar and plan to be with us.

– Spread the word to your family and friends you may know in and around India.

You can also click the below tweet and  share it on your Twitter:

– Few of our friends plan to fly in to India for these conferences. I believe your presence will be a blessing.

3. Sow a seed into these conferences. If the Lord leads you please consider sowing into what God is doing through these meetings. I’ll say no more than that and I will pray that God will bless your seed as you sow into His Kingdom.

Revive India Brochure

Revive India Brochure – Click to Download


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Please take a minute to pray for these worship leaders who will assist us during Revive India conferences in their respective cities to bring heaven on earth.

Nickson Goves

Nickson Goves

Joel Thomasraj

Joel Thomasraj

Praneet Calvin

Praneet Calvin

Ashley Joseph

Ashley Joseph


At anytime if you have a word from God, thoughts, questions, please leave them all below.

P.S – Kindly pray for the church I will leave behind in Montreal during those days of the conference that God would bless them and multiply them for His glory.