5 Keys to Hover Like the Holy Spirit Series – Part 4/5: Understand God’s Silence

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

October 1, 2018

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series 5 Keys to Hover like the Holy Spirit Series
(This is Part Four of Our Series, “5 Keys to Hover Like the Holy Spirit”. If you wish to read the first three parts, click on the links, Part 1: Know Your Beginnings and Part 2: Mind Your Mind and Part Three: Persistence is Essential). Have you ever gone through a long season of silence, that tough time when you KNOW God is near, but He sure isn’t talking!

Here is some good news for you: Hovering is God’s silent work.

To sustain and hover in the Spirit, there must be understanding of the silence of God. If we, who are born of the Spirit, operate in the principles of the Spirit, we can then expect to have results of the Spirit.

As He hovers, God watches.

Isaiah 18:4-5 For thus the LORD said to me: “I will quietly look from my dwelling like clear heat in sunshine, like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest. For before the harvest, when the blossom is over, and the flower becomes a ripening grape, he cuts off the shoots with pruning hooks, and the spreading branches he lops off and clears away.

God pays attention to details. (Christians don’t.) God is looking for any change in His kids and His creation. God notices it all. He notices when the dew comes, when the grape ripens, when the heat changes.  Though we may not notice, He DOES.

As He hovers, God waits.

After He created Eden and placed His Adam and Eve in the garden, He didn’t come running to stop the serpent, though being God, He knew the enemy was present.

God expected Adam and Eve to be whom God created, His children, destined and designed to rule. Adam was placed in the garden to care for God’s creation, which means what he allowed was at his discretion and full responsibility.

As Adam and Eve entertained Satan by listening to his lies, they lost all.

As God hovers, He awaits our return. 

Jesus used the Prodigal parable to show how God functions as our silent, watching Father. The father knew his son would mess up everything when the son came and demanded his blessing.  Even though it was his rightful inheritance, it was ahead of his time to receive.  

The prodigal quickly leaked all his wealth. He destroyed his entire inheritance, that which was intended to take care of him and his children and his children’s children, were lost in one short summer.

When the son returned home, in repentance, his father was still standing in the same place where he left.  The father was willing to wait for his promise, until his son returned.

Our God is willing to wait over His word, even when it is dark or void. He hovers over it in an extended period of time, until we are turned around, completely transformed.  His silence is mercy.

God’s quietness precedes transformation.

When Moses went up the mountain, it was quiet. Moses left for 40 days and experienced for the first time the quietness of God. Yet the Israelites below freaked out, thinking maybe Moses was dead, so they demanded, “make us another God”(Exodus 32:1).

The Israelites did not understand the quietness of God. When God was quiet, their spirit of rebellion surfaced and they sinned.

Before God’s quietness, whatever is inside you will always come out.

If you want to test somebody’s loyalty, keep quiet. Leave them to wait, longer than they expect. Whatever is inside their heart will surely manifest.  If they really love you, they will say, “take your time: when you come back, I will be here”.  If they are resentful, their tantrums are guaranteed.

It is similar between us and God. Imagine, God doesn’t answer your prayer. He doesn’t seem to help you.  He just keeps quiet.  Do you know frustration in your heart?  You may wonder, why has God not blessed me? God may even withdraw His presence from you to see if you will allow shrubs, thorns, bitterness, rebellion to manifest.  If it comes, He will cut it off. Then, you will be ready for a real breakthrough.

When you want to have a living relationship with God, you must be PRUNED.
God will chop off your attitude, your offence, your pride, your unforgiveness.  You need to honour the God who loves and has the RIGHT to be quiet whenever He chooses.

God will test us with His silence. 
How will you react?

Character is who you are when God is silent.

Every day bring your sins to God.  Do not function in guilt and shame. Instead, hover over the things of God.

Every believer must understand the power of God’s silence in order to hover as He hovers: patient, long-suffering, attentive, quiet. This is a critical KEY.

God is still hovering over His creation, to bring order and establish His Kingdom. He awaits our participation.

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