3 Things That Slow Down Intimacy With God

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

March 25, 2015

The point of breakthrough in our walk with God comes when we learn intimacy. Many of us have a relationship with God but we don’t have intimacy. We read our bibles and go to church, but it ends there. God is saying, “I desire more than that.”

As believers, we should acknowledge that it’s only by God’s grace that we can walk close to Him.

There are three different levels of walking with God:

1. Relationship
2. Fellowship
3. Intimacy

Relationship is the first level when we ask Jesus to come into our hearts.

We begin our walks with God with consistent times of prayer and reading the Word. These times of fellowship are the entrance to deeper times spent with God. But at some point, as among humans, acquaintances must grow to friendship to close friends. No matter how close my friend is to me, the intimacy I have with my wife is a deeper connection on every level.

We must go from just knowing about God to knowing God. [tweet this] That is intimacy!

God created us to have glorious fellowship with him, as we see in Genesis when God created Adam and Eve. He didn’t only create them to see them once in a while. He desired a deeper fellowship and relationship with them. To the extent that the bible says, God would come down to have close communion with them. Now remember all this happened while they were covered with the glory of God. (Read Genesis 3).

This communion with God caused the enemy to want to break in. But thank God for turning all things for good for them that love God. God the Father sent Jesus to restore what Adam and Eve lost.

As Christians we must go deeper than just reading the Bible to a friendship with God to a place of becoming one with Him. To be one with Him is to be synchronized with His heart and mind.

You know God’s mind by reading His Word and you know God’s heart by sitting at His feet. [tweet this] True intimacy with God will release the furnace of heaven on earth. [tweet this]

The devil Knows Intimacy

A walk to church doesn’t frighten the enemy but the devil is afraid of a believer who walks with God. Your very presence will become cause the devil to have an allergic reaction. Your shadow will cause demons to flee.

The Lord wants us to be one with Him, just like the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one. [tweet this] See John 17:21

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