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April 9, 2016

Hello my precious friends of GTH and Revive Nations.

Today started out funny for me! For those who don’t know, Montreal is predominately french. (Here’s a video of our recent snow storm) I walk into the Starbucks (here to prepare my sermon for tomorrow) and order my usual “White Mocha with light whipped cream in a mug!”

The Batista seemed to find it hard to follow my order in english as he kept answering in French but I figured he got my order. Not until the order came. Here was a cup with my drink and a mug full of whipped cream on the side. Jaw drop! 🙂

Well, that explained why he was staring at me while I made the order! No I’m not having whipped cream for breakfast.. 😉

Anyways, back to work now! Few good news on my side, Moses turns 1! (Click for video) Tiny and I turn 6 together!!!!

And my twitter says, I turn 7 on twitter!

Number of Years

Number of Tweets


So to celebrate the super 7, I decided to break in during the Church DNA series to give you my top 10 tweets. Mind you this is not my favourite top 10 but the ones that the people retweeted the most. I hope it encourages you and if it inspires you simply click on them to tweet it out.

1-one Don’t be worried about the anointing. Worry about intimacy. Am I in that intimate place with Jesus? Stay in the secret place with Jesus. [tweet this]
2-two Reputation is what man thinks about you. Character is what God think about you. Dwell on what God thinks about u! [tweet this]
3 three If you can’t handle this pressure today u r not ready for the blessing that’s coming tomorrow… Cos ‘this’ is ‘that’! [tweet this]
4 four Better to be an unlearned man with a teachable heart than to know Greek and Hebrew but shut to the Holy Spirit. Seek to learn. [tweet this]
5 five Your biggest mess is not what you did, it’s staying in the mess and not going back home to Jesus! #PursueJesusToday! [tweet this]
6 six Nobody gonna fight the battle of your mind for u. It’s yours to fight, learn, grow and succeed. [tweet this]
7 seevn God’s love for us is unreasonable and unconditional. BreatheItIn [tweet this]
8 eight If success leads to arrogance then arrogance leads to failure. Pursue humility. Honour your leaders. [tweet this]
9 nine Don’t allow the voice of your critics to be louder than the voice of God over your life…. Who you are closer to is what you hear louder. [tweet this]
ten 10 My success is not in my strengths or skills but it’s in how deep I dig into the heart of God in my pursuit after Him. [tweet this]

Ok here’s a bonus:

God doesn’t want to just restore your destiny, He wants you to become an authority in your calling. [tweet this]

We are quite active on all our social media, we hope to connect with you on those mediums as well.
Here’s a word that blessed us at the Good Friday service at our church on becoming a Trauma to hell! I believe it is our turn now to be a headache to the enemy.

May the Lord use you and have a blast of a Sunday service! (Please keep us in prayers too!)