Finding your miracle in your dry season

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

November 22, 2016


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Hello friend, so good to be back from my trip. Sorry about the delay in posting. I hope you have been blessed with these blogs and don’t forget to share this with someone you care. Today’s post is an important one.

Have you ever felt like you don’t sense God’s presence in your life? Like He is distant and far away?

Isn’t it awful to feel as though God has forsaken you? You have been praying and fasting for a long time and yet there’s no answer; you still feel that your land is dry.

It is during the season of silence and dryness that the enemy attacks the most. When you ask yourself, “Has God forsaken me?” the thought itself attracts the enemy and he begins to attack your mind and your heart in such a way that it makes you ultimately turn away from Jesus.

In the seasons of dryness we tend to drift away from God.

But here is a key to use: When you don’t seem to see the goodness of God, ponder on what He has done for you in the past. The devil loves to deceive us with his lies. When the deception of the enemy is greater than the truth absent in your life, simply go back to what God has already done. Match God’s past experiences with your current disappointments. You will then see the grip of the enemy will begin to lose.

You must understand this, you do not have permission to give up because God did not give up on you! Encourage yourself, survive the dry season and you will thrive in the next one!

The miracle of the seed

The Bible says, Isaac sowed in the land during famine. Famine does not give you the permission to eat all the seeds that you were supposed to sow. There is a long period of silence. For a season, the seed lies buried underneath the dirt and seems to have completely disappeared. Sometimes the enemy plays on the fears of our heart to make us doubt the existence of the seeds we sowed. Is the seeds really there? Are we watering the right spot? Is it really going to germinate? Am I wasting my time? And so on.

This is the same with our lives. The afflictions of God’s people are seeds sowed in tears. Sometimes it takes years and decades of crying, weeping, and encouraging oneself in the Lord. But remember the scripture: “Those who sow tears shall reap joy!”

A seed, after it is sown, is subject to many threats. It’s the same for the seeds sown by the children of God. Be patient – God needs that hidden seed to stay buried so it can grow strong. You don’t see it, but its roots are slowly growing deeper and stronger.

Nothing is too small

In fact, everything big starts small. Seemingly insignificant little things will happen around you during the dry season. Know that this is God aligning everything in your life. A seed requires great responsibilities and these small alignments are the first fruits that begin to grow from the seed that was planted, reassuring the farmer that the full harvest is near. They slowly but surely come in alignment for God’s glory to manifest in your life.

If so, don’t underestimate the little things happening right now in your life. Celebrate the little things God is doing, protect them and most of all steward them.  [tweet this]

Behind the scenes:

When God is busy working on the seed in the invisible realm, there are some practical things we need to do behind the scenes. In Psalm 143:10, The Psalm of David, you can hear the cry of King David praying for guidance from on high during the dry season: “Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; may Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”

The Lord says we have to be on level ground! That’s our job.

Be patient, for trials and dry seasons will only make you stronger. Dryness is the way God tests us by His fire.

Pass the test and you will get much closer to God. The trials urges us to cling to the Throne of God. Once we are there, what do we truly seek and ask for? We must long for a deeper knowledge of Him. We must there ask God to show us His face.

Strengthen your faith by humbling yourself, by meditating, and praying. Pray for grace. Pray for deliverance. Pray for strength. Learn obedience through what you’re suffering, as Jesus did: “Even though Jesus was God’s Son, He learned obedience from the things He suffered.” (Hebrew 5:8)

Don’t allow the season of dryness to take you away from your encounter with Jesus. [tweet this]

The dry season will end, and Heaven will come down. Come out of the dry season strong and victorious. Let the Holy Spirit lead you to a land of tranquility and happiness.

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