How to Know if You are Growing

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

May 20, 2023

Growth Matters

Any parent knows: growth matters.  When a baby is born, the child’s increase in length and weight determines if the child is thriving!  A mere few ounces can cause concern in those first few weeks of life. Weight gain demonstrates that a baby is growing as expected.

So how can we measure growth in the spirit? What measuring stick can weigh the heart or size up growth for a believer?

A Prophet is Without Honour in his Hometown

To begin, take a brief inventory of your current circumstances:

Are people in your hometown suddenly judging you and the grace on your life? Have your relatives unexpectedly tried to shrink you down, uncomfortable with your new stature in the Lord? Do people fight the favour you carry?

Cheer up! You are in good company. In Jesus’ hometown, the villagers tried to push Him off a cliff after He preached a message they didn’t like! (Luke 4:9).

Jesus warned his disciples that persecution is a part of our journey, that “If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you”. (John 15:20)

A good gage to measure our growth as a Jesus lover is to consider how we handle the stones being thrown our way. Are we bitter or better?  Do we play victim or do we choose to be conqueror of our circumstances? When attacks come, can we rise up and rejoice in the challenge, certain that Jesus has given us the grace for all situations?

Do the Daily

Just as the body’s health depends on daily waste functions, so, our spiritual growth trajectory depends on daily waste management systems.  As believers, we must root out every weed of jealousy and resentment. We need to remove every limitation we have placed on our spouse, our children, our leaders or ourselves by grumbling complaints and insecurities. Growth means we love as He loves!

When we find ourselves repenting daily at the Feet of Jesus, the world’s words cannot break through to our heart, quench our spirit or crush our momentum. Our growth becomes constant, an ongoing trajectory upward and onward, by the power of the Spirit, when our life in God is a consistent pursuit, and our dependence on our Jesus, our only answer.

In this powerful sermon, “How to Know you are Growing” learn how to measure your growth and accelerate through these principles with abundant blessings!