battle cries!

…until all Nations surrender at the feet of Jesus.

The three core purpose of Revive Nations

In over two decades of ministry, our focus has only narrowed down to a core call and purpose. Bringing Nations to the feet of Jesus. There at His feet, we are revived, renewed and restored.


“To see individuals to Nations brought to the feet of Jesus” 

Evangelism has been the heart beat of our ministry from the beginning. We are sinners and our best of righteousness are like filthy rags(Isaiah 64:6) and we need the (perfect and holy)blood of Jesus to wash us away from all sins.(1John 1:9)

And nothing in the ministry gives us greatest pleasure than to continue to see souls being saved through our crusades.

“To see the Church come to find sole delight in dwelling at His feet” 

For revival to break out to the Nations, it must first happen inside the Church. The full manifestation of the resurrection power shut within us belongs to His bride. (Ephesians 5:19).

It has been our passion to equip and plant Churches(without denominational limitations) through the fine balance of both God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit working together. God has used the ministry of Revive Nations to empower hundreds of churches in around 89 cities around the world.

 Revival in the Church

Empowering Leaders

“To raise an army of God’s generals under the shadow of the Almighty”

With a clear mandate from God to be a father to this generation at the early age of nineteen, God led Pastor Shyju to begin mentoring leaders. This led to a rising of firebrand ministers and new church plants around the world.

In the process Revive Nations has so far reached out to over 300 leaders with Tent of Meeting training camps and others with one on one personal mentorship and monthly financial supports. It is our honour to see God release His grace to bless, motivate and empower leaders from all ages and geographical locations for His glory.

Revive Meetings


Revive Crusade and Conferences are organized with the partnership of local churches in a region with the focus of reviving the Body of Christ and winning souls. We’ve had the privilege of seeing thousands of lives revived, renewed and restored through these Revive Conferences that have been held in over 15cities around the world.

Ablaze Gatherings

Ablaze are monthly meetings happening every first Saturday of the month in Bangalore, India and Montreal, Canada. During these sessions, churches across the city unite to seek God’s grace and intervention for their land. Believers travel down to these meetings to be filled and empower for their specific calling.

Tent Of Meeting

TOM is a program designed with the focus of empowering leaders, igniting passion and the power of God required to accelerate them into their destiny. Inspired from Exodus 33, leaders are encouraged to disconnect from all technology and immerse themselves in the Scriptures and extended time of prayer.

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