Handling Office Pressures

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

February 3, 2010

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Let’s face it! Life is not easy all the time and it does not get any easier when you are a Christian. It almost leaves you feeling like a fish in the bowl. Everybody is watching your walk and your talk. The desire to live right in a so-wrong world seems so pointless with the human perspective especially when people around you do not play fair.

Here are few ways to handle office pressures:

Expect Reality

Well, the truth is that since the fall of Adam, it has been in the nature of the fallen man to slander, play unfair, lie blatantly, be jealous of another person’s promotion and every other vile thing you can think of. So, to go into a secular setting where the fear of God is a rarity and then to expect everything to be fine and dandy may be a farfetched expectation. As a child of God, you must also be prepared to face these kinds of challenges before you decide to skip the job.

Others Have Issues, Too!

Let’s be real! Your boss, your manager, your colleagues; they all have their own set of frustrations in life. Now, if there is anyone with hope that would be you because you have Christ in you. Your joy is not set on the things of this world but on things to come, the eternal life. Then it could be possible that your boss may be having a bad time at home or having a problem with his boss; or your manager is frustrated with the quality of work your colleagues have turned in, this is your perfect opportunity where you can be the understanding person like a Christian should try to be every single day.

Take a Heart Test

The question you really need to ask is, ‘Is my heart in this place?’ Majority of your issues can be solved if you put your heart into what you do. It is a fact that if you do not enjoy what you do, you will find something or another that will tick you off. Questions you must then ask yourself:- Why is my heart not in it?- If you are doing something that is not what you want to do, then what are your prospects of doing what your heart wants to do?- Has the Lord put me here for a reason? If so, what is it? What can I do then to adjust to see that purpose fulfilled?

Are You the Problem?

Now you might not want to do this but you must ask yourself, ‘Am I the problem?’ Some people are just hard to work with. Now to know if that is you, you really need to humble yourself and find out if you are the problem. Are you contributing to the stress at the work place? Are you really an innocent bystander being blamed? Have you done anything that would fan the flames of discontent? Ask your colleague for an honest opinion and don’t be mad at them for being honest.

If so, then begin by accepting it. Have an honest discussion with your boss and accept areas that you lack in. Remember people are not God and that they can take their own sweet time to forgive or chances are they may never forget what you did. That’s alright; move on to what best you can do today. If you do not have the knowledge to handle something, what can you do to improve yourself to handle the same? Can you go one step ahead and do things more passionately so that the name of Jesus that you carry is glorified?

Don’t Lose Foresight

It is this big picture of the problem that helps you solve the problem. Now, beyond natural challenges and you being there in the eye of the storm may make people seem very irrational. Remember, the devil would love to pressurize you at your work place just to let you lose your peace and joy. For this you must be cautious about the unreasonable situations at your work place. So before deciding on the best course of action, take a step back and pray. Guard your heart from losing your joy. The joy of the Lord should remain your strength; not your wallet, your promotion or even people.

The Spiritual Problem

I have heard and seen countless situations when there has been a strong battle between the spiritual forces that clash with the Spirit of God in you. Before you take things into your own hands, fight the evil spirits working behind it on your knees. Ask the Lord to show you the potential hurdles that slow you down. Ask God for wisdom and favor. Most of all, believe that God would give you directions. Be sensitive to where God wants to lead you to from this place.

Note: If you are fighting your own battle, God may wait till you are done!

A powerful verse in Proverbs 21: 1 says, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: He turns it to wherever He pleases.” If that is so then the heart of your boss or your colleagues are in God’s hands, too. God cannot work if you have already given up. Be strengthened for nothing is impossible with God.

Practical Ways to Stay Cool

While you are engaged in spiritual battle, remember to be practical, too. Don’t blame everything on the enemy and stay ignorant. Now that you are in the battle, take decisions in a proper manner. Prioritize your tasks, as the time is the most critical element. Maintain a notebook if you have to. Don’t waste your time. Delegate work if that is an option. Identify if there is a project overload. Write down precautions of possible problems and goals to avoid the past mistakes. Do you have a set of goals? Make plans to support your goals.

Additionally, stay healthy. Don’t overstress yourself. Keep your mind in the present. Drink plenty of water to avoid fatigue and to be fresh. Find someone who can mentor you on these challenges. And oh, should I say, read plenty of BIBLE every single moment that you can, even in your breaks (Try Proverbs). To sum it up, one of my favorite verse from Romans 8: 28 says, “All things work together for good, for them that love God”

Question: What are your strategies to handle the battles at your work? Are there any more points that you add to this? Don’t forget to share this.