Rev. Johnson Varghese – Grow As You Go!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

January 9, 2013

Rev. Johnson Varghese

It is indeed my pleasure to introduce a long time dear friend, Rev. Johnson Varghese. He pastors Bethel A. G. International Worship Centre, one of the largest growing churches in India. His passion, quick wit and excellence has always inspired me. Be blessed!

Sacred is never secret. God has a way of honoring you – making you stand out like Joseph in the midst of so many brothers. The tribes of Israel had meaning to each of the twelve names. Judah meant praise, Gad meant fortune, Asher meant happy and so on, but only Joseph got the coat of many colors and it made him stand out in his generation. Why?

Joseph’s name meant addition, growth and fruitfulness. In the Bible, you will see the name of an individual having a lot of significance. God was clear from the beginning; whoever is open to growth gets the coat of many colors.

The vision of growth is sacred to God, and it’s not a secret!!!  [ClickToTweet]

God always stood by those who were willing to grow.  God resisted the ones that wanted to maintain “status quo”.  Saul lost it. Isaac missed it. I wish Apostle Thomas had a book with his name in the Bible.

If you are not willing to stretch, God is not willing to promote. [ClicktoTweet]

David stretched it on Goliath’s forehead and Paul in Rome; both moved out of obscurity into notoriety. Stretch your talents out of your fears into your time and God will cause destiny to come adorned at your doorstep.


Here’s the lesson we learn from the story of the prodigal son: when he returned, the father rejoiced that his son would no longer “waste” the life given to him. Though the prodigal wanted to return and be accepted as a servant, the father would only take him in as a son.

A servant cannot add value like a son does. We are called to be HIS sons and daughters. Nothing less and there can never be anything more. After the father, it’s the son. That’s who you are. You are sacred to God the Father and its not a secret!!! God will reveal you among many with the coat of many colors. Wear it with your matching hat in style.

Brothers were jealous, step mom was furious, mother was careless but God nevertheless…

God is the difference maker in the vision. Your vision is the prophet of your future. [ClickToTweet]

Dare to dream big. Dare to live the vision. Just do it. People can choose how they will respond to you. But God found you sacred and its not a secret!!! He will get you out of the pit and the prison. If you dared to wear the colourful coat amidst the confused family, you will soon hold the national sceptre amidst the Egyptian army.

You are sacred and cannot be secret. You are Joseph. Go on and be a son to the Father. It’s all in the relationship. Its sacred and don’t keep it a secret!!! Grow as you go!

What stops you from dreaming big and living the vision? What stops you from being a Joseph? Feel free to share your thoughts below.