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Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

January 26, 2011

In the last few months, I have been asked several questions about my blog from friends who desired to start their own. Incidentally, based on a Google statistic, I was startled to find out that the word “Jesus” was searched more than 13,600,000 times (Global monthly searches) and 27,100 searches for “who Jesus is”, over 8000 searches for “proof of Jesus” and over 5000 times for “did Jesus exist and was Jesus real?”

Does not this kind of a research open our eyes to how much more we could do through blogs? Surely there are hungry people out there searching for the truth online from the comfort of their homes.

I am absolutely certain that worldwide web could do with more precise and “consistent” Christian Bloggers.

For those who have stage fright, this is a perfect platform for you to reach out to many without your throat getting parched. So if you’d like to jump onto this virtual platform, here are a few basics to start a blog:

1. Find a Platform

There are many services out there that offer free blogs; I use a, TypePad, Posterous, and others. which is hosted on my website. Now for those who don’t have a website, you can find services like,

I am used to and prefer WordPress for the number of options available. If you are not too much of a techie, try Posterous. Go through each of them and see what you are comfortable with. Sign up with your email, set up your account (Note: Ensure that you pick a short and easy name for your blog so others find it easy to remember) and you are ready to go. Yes, setting up is as easy as that!

2. Tweak Your Blog

Set up your blog by selecting a theme of your choice, colors, number of columns, etc. We all have different taste. My wife Tiny prefers her blog look to be kept minimal. Some friends of mine have a young and grunge feel to their blog. Make sure to put a real picture of you and update the “About Me” information space. As you do your own exploring, you will find and can add different plugins as you like.


The only way to develop your writing is to write. Short is sweet but don’t shy away from making it long, if you have solid content for it.  Don’t post too much or too less. Shorter paragraphs, bullet points or numbers makes life online easier.

Be fair to your audience. Give them posts that they will benefit them. Know who your target audience is and share your expertise! Pictures always make it more interesting. And definitely, don’t give up overnight. The more you are consistent and disciplined you are, the better you will get at it.

4. Announce Your Posts

Once you have written your post, use different mediums to announce your posts. People need to know that you have written a post. There is no need to shy away from sharing it. Not everyone is online every day. If you have a post once a week, you can then probably announce about it more than just once a week.

Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites do a great job in spreading the word. Make sure to add a subscribe button on your post for readers who would like automatic updates and receive an email whenever you write a new post. (You can subscribe to our posts HERE)

5. Interact

Now, blogs are platforms to interact with people. It should not be just a one way traffic. I personally try to reply to all required comments except when I am traveling and lose count.

Develop an open mind for some mean people out there who might leave you some weird anonymous comments too. Take the good, ignore the rest.

Are you still here reading? Go! Get to work and spread the Word.