The Soft Nudge, The Gentle Whisper

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

February 9, 2011

I believe that this is something that every child of Jesus goes through; irrespective of whether you have realized it or not. I hope that this message makes you more conscious about that encounter that you may have missed. And if you are reading this, it is because it is not too late.

I’m talking about the soft nudge of the Holy Spirit and the gentle whisper of Jesus.

From the creation of man, God has desired to walk with man. And man, because of sin, naturally walks away from God.

Food, shelter, clothing are the basic needs of the fallen man. But remember, these were not Adam’s basic needs before he sinned. His basic needs when he was untouched by evil were,

1. A relationship with God.

2. Daily fellowship with God.

3. And, to walk in the glory of God.

Sin replaced Adam’s divine needs as wants and options. Now man’s choices start from who he wishes to serve to whether he will fellowship with God.

But I believe God is in the business of restoring divine fellowship and intimacy that was lost in the Garden of Eden.

Yet, from time to time and day to day, we miss out on the soft nudge and the gentle whispers of the Lord to fellowship with him.

We get busy.

We get tired.

We get distracted.

Yet, He is still waiting.

Yes, even now.

I believe that the moment you have ignored that gentle feeling to pray or read the Bible, you have missed a divine opportunity of an encounter with God.

When you hear that deep gentle inner voice, feel that tender nudge, respond to Him; whether it is in your bus, train, office or in the shower. Get rid of all the distractions around you. Throw your mobile away if that’s what it takes, and be lost in His everlasting love! Pursue Him daily, without ceasing. Every single day of your life!

Now my friend, may I plead with you, the Holy Spirit who is your best friend is waiting for you. Do not ignore Him anymore.

Let’s go into His presence, shall we?