7 Keys to Organising a Successful Prayer Meeting

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

December 14, 2011

Have you noticed how a music concert can draw a massive crowd? I guess it’s almost as easy for a healing evangelist or a prophet to draw crowds. But what if it’s a Bible study meeting?

 I am sure you will see a drop in numbers. Again, compare that with a prayer service and it seems to garner nothing more than an all-time low attendance.

Now, it is not necessary that it may be so due to poor interest. Perhaps there is a lack of focus in your prayer meetings or maybe the preparation was not up to the mark. In this post, I want to share a few important things to consider while organising a prayer meeting:

clear focus prayer1. Clear Focus

There has to be a clear focus. Go through Acts 2 in the Bible that underlines this aspect. Our city (Bangalore, India) recently organised a 120 hrs of prayer for the city and the state.  Scores of churches gathered together to pray as the focus was made clear. It was easier to back up something that had clearly stated objectives. Prayer meetings done just for the sake of it don’t usually go so well.

2. Common Interest

Consider a uniting factor and express that clearly. What aspect of the prayer meeting is going to help the attendees? It is easier to rally people over a vision or a mission from God.

3. Prepare

Praying with your church is not like praying by yourself. Plan in advance with time and objectives in mind. Discuss with other leaders to make sure you haven’t missed anything important. You can also use social media tools like Facebook or Twitter to coordinate. But remember; don’t stray from the main objective. Remember to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you on the subjects that require immediate prayer.

lead prayer4. Lead

A leader who is not passionate about prayer cannot lead a prayer group. Don’t expect people to be excited if your own leaders show disinterest.  Your excitement, diligence and commitment will be noticed and reflected in the prayer group. Take initiative to announce it like you would announce any other meetings in your church.

5. Pray

 It is sad to find prayer meetings that turn into a time of mere singing and preaching. Don’t make your prayer meeting into a time for songs, sermons, announcements, and then only allow 10 minutes for prayer. Get down to work and p-r-a-y.

6. Get Creative

Not everybody may have your spiritual maturity and grace to pray for 2 hours at a stretch. Keep your prayer meetings creative and exciting. Use short clips on transformation that have happened as a result of prayer. You can find many such good videos on YouTube. You can also use PowerPoint and appropriate pictures to show your prayer requests.

7. Don’t Quit

All hell will break loose when a church takes up prayer (and fasting) as their priority. Satan will try to use anybody and everybody to stop it. Therefore, plan with wisdom, humility and most of all perseverance. And the Lord will cause you to be a blessing to your church, city and the nation itself!

How often have you organized or participated in a prayer meeting? What has been your experience/observation? Are there any points you want to add from your side? Do you think proper focus and preparation can trigger interest for people to participate in prayer meetings?