A Key to Your Spiritual Growth

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 10, 2011

Before I give you the key to your spiritual growth, does anyone remember how the old mobile phones resembled heavy TV remote controls? Unless you live deep in a forest, you would not be alien to the existence of mobile phones. Everyone seems to have one today, including 4 year old kids! Samsung, iPhone, Google, Android phone; and what not.

These gadgets sure have altered life across the globe by connecting people across oceans, launching ideas, saving lives. And, it has wasted a lot of time and even distorted relationships.

The only difference between my parents and I is that they were never frustrated with having to deal with the low battery indicator on a cell phone… that is, up until I introduced them to the world connected by cell phones. These little boxes of magic work wonders ’til the battery runs out. (I wonder if there is any connection between talking loudly on the phone in public places and keeping the battery from running out on the phone).

But as change requires, people improvise. Today, whether you realize it or not, charging the phone is an integral part of our life. Some of us may forget reading the Bible, but we hardly ever forget to charge our phones unless we want it to go into some kind of hibernation or put to some loved ones into hours of panic as the phone continuously says, “the person you have phoned is unreachable.”

Strengthening your spiritual man:

Now please take a minute to think with me: Do we have similar determination and disciplined efforts to recharge our spirit man? Allow me to show you how this is important for our spiritual growth. 

We don’t miss feeding our bodies three times a day, and we recharge our phones and laptops multiple times a day, but from time to time, we neglect the urgency and importance of recharging our spirit.

Many of us want to know how to grow spiritually but what we forget is that it does not happen overnight. The key to your spiritual growth is to recharge your spirit with God on a daily basis.

The more you forget recharging your spirit man, the more it loses its strength to fight the flesh. When you feed the flesh, then your spirit man loses strength to pursue God passionately. Just as you have developed the discipline to recharge your gadgets, it is important that you develop a strict discipline to recharge your spirit!

Last year’s recharge won’t do for today. You need to recharge every day.

Pray when you don’t feel like praying; read your Bible ’til the fire in Word of God sets your heart ablaze; worship ’til the anointing takes over you; and love God ’til you are saturated with His presence. It is here where you begin to mature into a spiritual giant who has developed spiritual maturity that stands the test of time.

This depth in God will then cause a storm to feel like a breeze and the valley of the shadow of death like the shade in noon time as Jesus becomes the rock on which you stand.

Well, technology got smarter and introduced car chargers to charge your phones when you are out and travelling. Let’s not forget to charge our spirits even if we are out and on the move!

Now let’s get to work. Let your spirit soar!

Did you remember to recharge yourself in God today? Why do you think we forget to pray even when we know that it is the most important action we can take today?
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