Understanding and Demystifying Mind Attacks

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

September 19, 2022

Every mind attack you have ever experienced or will experience is tailor-made to provoke your deepest insecurities within you. It feeds off of your fears. It strives against the Maker, and anyone that represents the way of the Maker in your life.

Each individual has different buttons that the enemy will press based on different adult rejections or childhood traumas. You have to remember this one critical truth: Even though most mind attacks are demonic, they become absolutely powerless the moment you stop participating in your mind attack!! When you pull the plug and disengage with the lies flooding your mind, you win!

In fact, the more we expose ourselves to the light, the more we notice all the dirt. You may become disgusted with what you find, but you may also find the presence of water! It may be just a trickle but it is still water! When you keep digging, you will find rocks. Keep digging harder, and you find precious stones and minerals. After a while, it won’t be about not having mind attacks, but about being a better ninja at dodging and ducking out of the way of these lies.

You have to understand, many in the church are still not being honest with themselves. We still have so many masks and facades that we put on in an attempt to hide who we really are on the inside. Satan’s temporary success comes from us not knowing us!  In reality, it is self-ignorance. The more we know our own fears, insecurities, and defence mechanisms, the faster we escape the lies and the faster we get up from under the juniper tree and win the next battle.

Q: What does the enemy hope to accomplish with mind attacks?

A: The process of mind attacks is aimed to get you to dig your own pit.

How does this happen?  Mind attacks lead to false confessions, ingratitude, critical assumptions, which then lead to God being quenched, leading to our loss of favour and then, more loss. It’s a plot to entrap you and be entangled in your own mind. Mind attacks draw out the worst enemy to fight you, which is you!

Please understand this most overlooked fact: Every season of your elevation can be disrupted. Disruption is most powerful when it’s disrupted from within. So the enemy seeks to tap into that part of you that is underdeveloped, immature, hidden, self-deceived, veiled and masked, to play you as a puppet to your own deception. Study and measure your strengths and weakness of your spiritual stature. Knowing yourself is critical to winning the battle against mind attacks.

What can we conclude in this matter? In order for us to become mature sons and daughters, we need to study ourselves through the foundation of the Word, and with confessions of accountability to our leaders, we expose the lies to the light. As we weep before the Lord at His Feet, He will fully detach us from our past and cleans us from all that is not of Him. Then we no longer will become a project for the Father to worry about but we will reflect the Magnificent image of our Master Jesus. 

Much Love,

Prophet Shyju Mathew