5 Reasons & 6 Cautions Before You Help Someone Today

Save My Broken Heart

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 8, 2012

Does helping someone give us extra brownie points in heaven? Why do we help others?

Here are few reason why some people offer to help:

– Some help in hope of being helped

– Some help to maintain their good name.

– Some others help to get the credit and fame of helping someone.

– Some others help to keep people obligated and under control.

But the problem with these reasons are that even though they may have helped someone but this kind of help only creates a vacuum.

Save My Broken Heart

A vacuum that is soon filled with increased dissatisfaction, insecurity, jealousy and fear.

The Power to Help

Helping someone has also its disadvantages. Some take advantage of you. Sometimes make people lazier. Other times, it makes some more greedy for easy help. Howbeit, God still gives us the opportunity to be the light. See this post on living intentionally.

The power to help is to be God’s arms in this world. I believe the Lord has given each one of us the power to help. Yet, not everyone who has the power to help has the grace to help. And sadly, very few people even consider it.

Don’t forget that whatever you give today, has been given to you from on High. Today there is nothing you give that has not been first given to you from God. The power to help comes from God.

Here are few reasons on why we really need to help:

1. Giving moves the Greatest Giver. That’s right. There is no greater helper than Jesus. And when He sees His children going out of the way to help fellow humans and neighbours, it moves His heart.

2. You put yourself in debt to God’s blessings. God is never indebted to anyone. It is actually God who takes care of the widows and the orphans. When you begin to be God’s arms, the Lord stretches His arms through your life. And it is impossible to show mercy and not receive mercy!

3. Because our Master Himself helped. Help is an understatement here. Our Master’s help was not just lending His arms but His life itself.

– Jesus helped because He had compassion.
– Jesus helped because it was the will of the Father.
– Jesus helped because He was selfless and merciful.

4. Because we see through the eyes of God. To see through the eyes of God is to feel the heart of God. It is to know His compassion, grace and mercy. When we see through His eyes then we cannot but help and reach out.

5. You add value to someone’s life. You make this world a better place to live in with your power to help. You empower someone to live better than what they could do by themselves.

Leaders, ministries, blogs, bands, or anyone else with the power to help – you are adding value to someone. Don’t ever lose that focus.

Here are the cautions in helping:

1. If you are doing what you are doing for yourself, then remember that people can see through that. It is only a matter of time when your selfish agenda will fall flat. Remember the scripture encourages to consider others more significant than ourselves!

2. One of the brilliant lessons about helping someone came from my dear Pastor, Rev. M. A. Varughese. He said this years ago. If you plan on to lend someone, remember they are human and they may not be able to give it back to you. Even when people promise, be prepared mentally that they may not keep it.

3. Don’t expect anything in return. Whether it be appreciation, help, kind words etc. At the cross, none of the 5000 plus people that Jesus fed were present to offer their undeniable support. Remember if this they did to our Master, it is only fair to expect worst.

4. Do it because you want to. You may be recognised in the process but even if you were not, it shouldn’t matter to you. Do it like you would do it unto the Lord.

5. The last reason to help would be to help out of obligation. That stinks. There’s no heart in it. Anything we do without heart in it does not carry God’s blessings. If you do not believe in helping someone be upright, and learn to say no respectfully. If they are really your friends, they’ll remain your friends even when you say no. If not that’s not worth a relationship to pursue – stay pure in your heart.

6. Don’t lose heaven’s reward to mere recognition on earth. Even if the person receiving the help choose to ignore your contributions, remember that you did not do it for them. You are God’s arms and eyes – simply leave it at that.

And today if you are on the receiving end. Don’t forget to be grateful even decades later. Give honor to where it is due. And if not for a thoughtful gift, a thank you from your heart is a good way to start. And remember, to him that much is given, much is required. Go find someone to help today!

So today, will you find someone to intentionally help, stand by and add value?

Question: Share with us, have you had any opportunity to be God’s hands and eyes? What is your motivation? Have there been any road blocks? Discouragement? Encouragement? Lessons?