Goodbye India – for Now, and Hello Canada!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

July 17, 2013

That moment is here. I knew it all along; now for more than a decade God had been speaking about it. The invitation was open from January 1st though I intentionally did not take any step towards it, till I had a very strong word from the Lord (through another prophet of God who knew nothing about this invitation) that I should no longer be in double mind.


For those who are not aware, my family and I are shifting base to Canada for a year to begin with. I had shared about this earlier on the blog.

The Lord laid Canada upon my heart from a very long time, along with a passion specifically for few other nations. However, it was in the will of God that we move to Canada for whatever purposes He has on mind, which I am yet to fully comprehend.

India being a country I love, I have always wanted to pour myself out to bless this land. But for now, I’ll have to love this land from a distance.

I am excited that God has raised amazing young people here in India who are being used by God more powerfully than I am (I will be posting about them soon), and I know that God will continue to use them even more powerfully for His Kingdom to come on earth in India and beyond.

I request you to stand with us in the next phase of the ministry. Please continue to pray and support the ministry in India. We will still be investing into the young leaders, and as the Lord allows, be organising “Tent of Meeting” conferences and “Revive” crusades with the help of the leaders we are working along with.

My heart is beating hard. I am going to miss too many things here, mostly the family, friends and the thousands who loved and stood by us throughout these years. And I look forward to continue to serve you.

Here’s a brief update about Canada:

This move is personally a big step of obedience for me as we are walking away from everything we’ve loved, embraced, served, and celebrated for the last twenty plus years. But my strength comes from knowing that we will be in the centre of God’s will. And it excites me because Canada does not hold back to itself. It is a place from where it is prophecied that healing would flow to nations.

Some of you have been writing to us wanting to know if there will be a Revive Canada Crusade this year. Honestly, I hope that Canada will be that place where I can go off radar for some time at least, and just sit at the feet of Jesus.

However, I do know that once I get to sitting at His feet, I must obey what He would tell me to do, irrespective of what I want. I am His bond-slave first and I look to following His orders as and when He wants.

Foremost, I want to start with serving the young people in Montreal and Quebec as a whole. I will be ministering as a youth pastor in an Italian church in Montreal. The rest of it would be as the Lord allows.

Once again, I want to thank all our partners every where. Thank you for constantly keeping us in your prayers which is, and has been, the most important blessing in our life. I hope to continue serving you from Canada.

Much love & blessings,

Shyju & Tiny Mathew (See Tiny’s post here.)