Worshiping God Like the Seraphim – Unashamed Worshipper Series

Shyju Mathew

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April 15, 2015

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Unashamed Worshipper Series

I am excited to write to you today, the Lord blessed us with baby Moses Mathew on 6th April 2015. Please see some pics here and here. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and wishes. Both the mother and baby are fine.

Today we continue the series on Worship. If you missed the first part, read here “5 Reasons Why We Worship”.

God is more interested in us learning why we worship than how we worship. How is the easy part. But more than what happens on the outside, we need to understand what happens on the inside. Most importantly, we need to understand worship from the perspective of God.

What is the DNA of a worshiper?

What is God’s heart?

In the scriptures we read, God appointed the 12 tribes of Jacob but He set apart the tribe of Levi for Himself. The Levites were different from others.

Deuteronomy 10:8-9 “At that time the Lord set apart the tribe of Levi to carry the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to stand before the Lord to minister and to pronounce blessings in His name, as they still do today. 9. That is why the Levites have no share or inheritance among their fellow Israelites; the Lord is their inheritance, as the Lord your God told them.

The Lord set apart the tribe of Levi for the following purposes:

1- To carry the ark of the Lord
2- To stand before the Lord
3- To minister to Him
4- Bless His name

There’s so much we can learn from this. These are the different depths of ministry. The ark is the representation of the presence of God. To stand before the presence of God was as important as carrying the ark – it carried the same blessing, same glory. To bless His name is nothing but to declare His praises, just like how God set apart the group of Levi to worship Him.

The Old Testament is just a shadow of what God does in the New Testament; it completes the loop.

If God set apart the Levites, whatever He did in the old He’s continuing it in the new testament. And the same thing is going to continue in the new heaven.

Just like God set apart a tribe in Israel just to continually serve Him, it is the same system that God has in heaven. Just like how the scripture describes the seraphim angels in Isaiah 6:1-6. The seraphim’s duty is not to go deliver messages, their only duty is to worship God; that’s their call.

These seraphim’s have 6 wings:

2 to fly
2 to cover their face
2 to cover the feet

You will see how they worship and it shows us how we the children of God must worship.

1- They Cover Their Face

The Face stands for the identity of an individual. Angels are not like humans, they are made perfect. But even though they are made in that perfection they cover their faces. When they look at God they begin to see how limited they are.

So must we!

The only way we can go to God in worship is if we first cover our imperfections with the blood of Jesus.

The sense of self righteousness needs to be put aside because our best of best are like filthy rags before our Holy King. That is why the prophets and the Apostles they all approach God alike and fall to their faces in worship.

When we go before Him we often bring so much of ourselves, rather we must lower ourselves to nothing. Lower yourself towards the Lord your God with fresh humility. That’ the basis of worship.

So when I become zero, God becomes 100!

When we empty ourselves and let God take over, then His glory will begin to manifest through us. [tweet this]

Empty ourselves of our anxieties.

Empty ourselves of our worry about tomorrow.

Empty ourselves of our bitterness and unforgiveness.

Cover your identity with the blood of Jesus because by His blood God counts you righteous. [tweet this]

Only when that happens He’ll say: “Let me tear open the heavens.”

When you become ‘zero’, God will manifest His glory.

When we come to that level of hunger and desperation, then we are ready to be filled. [tweet this] Expose yourself at the feet of Jesus. Become invisible so that He becomes visible. [tweet this]

2- The Seraphims Cover Their Feet

Feet stand for where you come from; they represent your past.

No matter how much good you do, the sins of the past are heavy. When you have an encounter with the Holy God, your knees become weak and you can’t stand anymore because of the fact that He is holy. We can never match to His holiness. We can never be worthy of His blessings in our own strength.

Pray, “God I come to you not because I’m worthy but I come because you are worthy.”

Worship Him for who He is and not for what you want from Him.

When we cover our past with the blood, the Father can’t see you, He sees the Son of God in you. That is why every single time we worship we have access to the throne room of God. Because of the blood of Jesus we can go confidently to the throne room of heaven.

Put your feet on the rock which is the Word of God.

There’s a voice in the word that tells us that we are His beloved.

The lover of your soul is calling you and telling you to worship Him like you are one. The angel came from the holy of holy place. The only person that can touch the fire and not be burnt has to be a fire carrier. When the seraphim worships he stands before the fire daily. Our God is a holy fire.

The only way we can carry out the fire of God into the nations is if we still stand before the fire like the Seraphims do, in deep worship and intimacy. Nations will bow to down to our God, and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Standing before God is your first assignment. He will then empower you to carry His glory from His presence.

When you understands the glory of worshiping God like a child He will release His glory. It’s impossible for you to be a worshiper and then come around and not transform the world.

I declare that is your destiny. Everybody that comes into contact with you will come into contact with the God that we worship. When you worship God in spirit and truth, your blessing will be greater than all the people around you.

“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” (1 Peter 2:9)

Let’s Worship Him Like Never Before!

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