Watch Out: 6 Areas of Attack on the Mind

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 18, 2015

As children of God, one of the biggest battles that we face is not in reality, but in our minds. The enemy often uses words or thoughts to make a situation look very real in our minds even when it isn’t. That’s why the Word of God is so clear in asking us to renew our minds.

Here are 6 areas of attack on the mind that you need to watch out for:

1. Intimidation

This is the first attack of the enemy. I call it the ‘Goliath syndrome‘. The devil will try very hard to make you feel small by using words, actions, shouting, screaming etc in order to intimidate you. As seen in the story of David, when Goliath operated this way, all the Israelite’s were intimidated and they ran away. However David ran towards him and he ended up defeating the giant.

Today no matter what you are facing and no matter what intimidation the enemy is using against you, I want to encourage you to run towards it and face it head on instead of avoiding it. Remember the attack of the enemy is aimed to make you withdraw. Instead of withdrawing, go forward.

2. Confidence

The first attack is just to create fear in your heart. The second is to remove the confidence that you have – the confidence to be able to go to God. The devil will bring guilt and condemnation in your heart so that when you pray, you don’t have faith because your heart is weak. He tries to make you feel unworthy, accuses you of sins, making you feel messed up.

His ultimate goal is to steal your faith by taking away the confidence that you have in God and scar your conscience. The trick is: When you lose faith you don’t have the confidence to achieve your destiny and all that God has called you to do.

But God does not answer your prayer because you’re worthy, God answers your prayer because He’s merciful. [tweet this]

So hold on to your confidence and it will be richly rewarded ( Heb 10:35).

3. Deception

The third area of attack is deception. The enemy will try to deceive you. He will try to blind your eyes with pride and attack your mind to make you think things that are not true. When deception is accompanied by pride, the person refuses to accept correction and counsel as he is blinded in that deception. That’s when you really need God’s grace to open that person’s eyes so that he can come to his senses.

Watch out! Don’t be deceived. Know the truth (Word of God) and it will set you free ( John 8:32).

4. Distraction

Distraction is when your wants become your needs. It’s when you become so carried away by something that you forget your priorities. The enemy will use distractions in your path to get you off track. When that happens, your fellowship with God, your time of prayer and reading His Word becomes secondary.

As you read this, I want you to look into your life and ask “Has the enemy distracted me? What are the distractions that I have that I need to eliminate so I can stay on track and get closer to my destiny?”

5. Lack of Direction

There are many people who struggle with this – they go to church, do everything right but don’t realize that they are going nowhere because of lack of vision or direction. Many people are focused, but not ‘extra focused’ on what exactly is the purpose and direction that God wants for their life. The lack of direction is one of the ways the enemy uses as an attack in your mind because if he can just get you to be busy without direction you will take up any assignment that is not your designated assignment.

We don’t need just ‘focus’, we need to be ‘laser focused’.

Once you are laser focused you have to sit in the presence of God to empower that focus. [tweet this]

Otherwise its just flesh – just you in your own limited power.

6. Lies in your Head

This is one of the worst of the scenarios that the enemy uses. He continually speaks lies. He makes you feel alone, and that nobody loves you, that nobody cares for you, that you are defeated, a failure, there’s no purpose in your life, and a million other things that are not true. Sometimes our minds can fool us by making us feel like our life is over. Even though it might seem like there is a battle going on, God is saying, “Ignore all of that.” And renew your mind right now.

Whatever lies the enemy is speaking over you in your life, in your head, I command in the name of Jesus, let it be uprooted. Remember you are blessed by God. You are loved by Him.

If there is nothing else to celebrate, I want you to celebrate this one thing: that you are loved by Jesus. [tweet this]

Declare it today: I am loved by Jesus.

In which of these above areas do you feel more vulnerable. How do you plan to address it? Share your thoughts on the above post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.