Taking The Shortest Route to Your Destiny

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

September 21, 2015

God has planned a beautiful destiny for each one of us! And He does not want us to be delayed into our destiny. Neither does He want any of us to miss our destiny. It’s very important that we understand the heart of God. He has a specific and unique plan for each one of us. Think about how important is it for us to be sensitive to His will and to accomplish our God given purpose.
Taking you into the Promised Land The nation of Israel was in slavery under Egypt for 430 years. God promised that He would take them out of their bondage and into the promised land. (Read Exodus 13:17-18) But here’s the scary part – God said “I can’t take them by the shortest route because it’s filled with battles.” The shortest route was through the Philistine territory where the giants lived. God knew that if they come to know about this, they would be filled with fear and this fear would cause them to prefer slavery over their destiny. In Deuteronomy 1:2, the Scripture tells us that it was supposed to take the Israelites only 11 days to reach Mount Sinai! Instead it took them 40 years!! Could it be possible that they were only 11 days away from the greatness that their fathers dreamt about, and they made into it in 40 long years? It was definitely within their reach. God is in no hurry, He invented time! But we must act, our days are numbered. Let’s storm into our destinies. Declare this over your life by faith: I will see the promised land. I will enjoy the blessings. It has to start in my generation, at my watch. It’s not enough that my children experience God. I need to see a Revival now. We must realize that there’s so much to lose if we continue to offer our crippled sacrifices to the Lord. Let’s give God our best!
Our passion precedes His presence You might be comfortable where you are but you don’t know what you’re missing until you walk into the promised land. There must be more than this; more than material blessings more than good health more than what this world offers. There’s nothing worth more in this whole world than His nearness! [tweet this]
The Shortest Route Do you know there’s a shorter route to reach your destiny? We can reach there knowing that we have the promised helper – The Holy Spirit on our side. Do you know what that means? There’s a shorter route to the anointing. There’s a shorter route to revival. There’s a shorter route to the power of God. If we can help ourselves by leaning on the Helper then He can most definitely reveal the shorter route to us!
5 Reasons Why The Israelities Missed the Short Route
1- Lack of Faith in God To walk by faith is to walk into unseen territories that you don’t know about. When God pushes us to walk forward, sometimes we say, “What do you mean move forward God? I can barely see a step ahead.” We have a million questions and all God is saying is “BE STILL. I’m taking you somewhere.” Israel lost the favour of God because they couldn’t shut their mouths and trust Him implicitly. We lose it because we want to see where we’re going. We’d like to know how it ends. Well, the end doesn’t matter, what matters is that in the process He’s by our side! In order to do what’s never been done before, you need to step out into the unknown by faith.
2- Lack of Trust When you have trust then faith arises. Faith is not passive – it is proactive. And faith without actions is dead. That action comes from your undeniable trust in God. Can you trust God when everything is going wrong? That’s when you know if your trust is real. Your Father is aware of everything that is happening in your life. Therefore trust Him implicitly. If He allowed the enemy to fight you then He also has a plan to lift you up.
3- Lack of Courage For too long the Israelites were just slaves, then suddenly the Great God came down and said that He was making these ordinary slaves into mighty warriors. Their hearts didn’t have the courage to fight because they thought they needed the skills. They thought that they had to go to the school of battle and learn how to fight. When all they really had to do is act like they knew how to hold a sword and God would fight the battle for them. All God was saying was: Take the sword and pretend you know what you’re doing. I will send my angels before you. I will kill those fellows for you. But the Israelties lacked the courage to do that.
4- Wavering Heart He who has promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10:23). It’s not your strength, rather it’s your weakness that God is drawn to. In your weakness He is glorified. God can’t answer the prayer of a wavering heart. Just trust the Lord. Know that He will fight for you. The battle belongs to Him. If you put your trust in Jesus then you cannot be shaken. Believe the report of the Lord that is in the Scriptures over every other report. He will never leave you nor forsake you.
5- Attachment to Egypt How is it possible that God wanted to bring them to the promised land and they still wanted to stay in Egypt? God is saying: You will have vineyards that you haven’t planted. Houses that you haven’t built. Wells that you haven’t dug up. The Israelites were slaves to Egypt, yet somewhere in their hearts they were so comfortable. “Yes there is more than this. But we’re so comfortable.” In this generation its as if we don’t need God. We’re not desperate enough. There’s a lack of desperation in the house of God. Can it be that you’re so comfortable that you don’t want more of God? It’s best that we humble ourselves and pray now, or else He’ll take a harder way to make us humble. Don’t wait until He makes you humble. He loves you so much that He’ll pursue you. But does it have to be the painful way? Tell the Lord that you’re not going to wait until He breaks you, you will break yourself in His presence now. I truly believe the Lord is doing great things in this season and I don’t want any of you precious saints to be left behind. Let’s trust Him like never before, and surely He will open up the heavens for us. Run after Him today!