Revive Kids Missions: Spotlight on The Mathew Children

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June 16, 2020

Revive Kids

Revive Kids Missions: Spotlight on The Mathew Children

by | Jun 16, 2020 | RN Kids

Missionaries come in many shapes and sizes! Revive Nations, an international ministry led by Pastors Shyju & Tiny Mathew, helps people fall deeper in love with King Jesus in nations across the world. Though spiritual parents to hundreds across the globe, the Mathew family have 3 beautiful children of their own at home, whom they raise with great love and intentionality.

It was a privilege to sit down with the Young Mathews: Kathryn, age 8, Moses, 5 and Ruth, soon to be one year’s old, to hear their perspective on ministry. Eating strawberries and star shaped baby food, Kathryn and Moses eagerly answered questIons as Baby Ruth laughed and squealed in her high chair while Mama Tiny patiently attended her three treasures.

Q: “So children of the nations, which countries have you been to?”

Moses quickly piped up “ Zimbawe (Zimbabwe)”. Kathryn quickly took charge with her list: “Zimbabwe, Canada – we live here-, Australia – even Moses went! , Kuwait, India, oh yeah Malaysia, Dubai, UAE but not with Moses, and ugh… USA.”

We counted the countries excluding Canada. In total, Kathryn had already travelled to 7 nations, Moses to 6, and Baby Ruth to 2! That’s more travelling than most people visit in a lifetime! Due to their call to missions, these little ones have already seen much of the world for Jesus!

Q: “In these nations, what have you experienced ?”

Kathryn perked up, “ I wanted to go to the Kuwait tower but it was closed, so I went to a fish palace.”

Mama interjected, “Kats, what about the meetings, what did you see during the meetings?”

“Oh, I saw a lot of people crying, and people jumping, and people preaching,” she replied.

Moses piped in, “I was going to say that!”

Mama gently inquired, “Moses, do you remember people falling?”

Moses, cheerfully answered, “Yes, people falling, and um, they were praying to Jesus.”

Kathryn elaborated, “Yes they fell ‘cuz of the Presence of God.”

Ruthy began to joyfully slap the table and make happy baby sounds.

Q: “Have you ever experienced the Presence of God?”

Kathryn spoke first, “Yes, it’s hot. I felt heat on my palms, and tingly too. I feel it at church and I feel it at home…Once, I was crying and I couldn’t stop! I was just crying. I didn’t know why… And I saw gold dust on my brother.”

Mama explained when Moses was a baby he would have flecks of gold dust on his face, seemingly from nowhere, especially after a bath.

Q: “Do you feel the Presence of God?”

Moses grinned and answered quick, “Yeah! Once I touched Kathy, I did this to her,” Moses opened his palms over Kathryn’s palms. “And everybody loved it!”

Q: “How do you guys pray?”

Kathryn carefully explained, “You pray like you’re talking to your mommy and daddy. You have to go into the room and close the door…You close your eyes from distractions and you tell Jesus how much you love Him…Some people might think you’re playing with toys but you’re not.”

Q: “How would you encourage other kids to pray?”

“Well, always say Jesus loves you, and if you pray, Jesus will listen and Jesus will be very happy with you. You can be in Jesus’ presence and it’s very nice. If you don’t close your eyes and pray, it won’t happen.”

Q: “What do you think of Jesus? Have you seen him?”

“I love Jesus!” Kathryn exclaimed, “Once I saw Jesus, and I was pointing to the wall. I couldn’t really see properly, but I still saw Him…And when my brother was born, I saw three angels standing in the living room and I was a bit scared.”

Moses answered slow and serious, “I’m going to be a pray-er, and be the mighty of God, and I’m going to preach the gospel.“

Q: “Is this what you think of Jesus, that He’ll anoint you?”

“Yeah.” He smiled.

Kids, whether you have travelled the world, or just to the corner store, reach for Jesus like the Mathew children do! From their young age, they each pursue the call of God on their lives. No doubt, given their parents’ devotion to Jesus, fire gives birth to fire.

We hope this Spotlight on the Mathew Family, Founders of Revive Nations inspired you!

If you know of a family eagerly pursuing the call of God, contact us at Revive Kids Facebook page, to share your story! We look forward to hearing about heroic families across the nations who are pressing forward for the glory of our God!

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