RN Kids: Rooted and Growing in God

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July 21, 2021

Revive Kids

RN Kids: Rooted and Growing in God

by | Jul 21, 2021 | RN Kids

Hey Kids, This year, the Word of the Lord given to our wonderful leaders, Prophet Shyju and Tiny Mathew is ROOTED!

What does that mean, exactly?

Does is mean, this year, we have to become trees? No way, but learning how trees grow big might just help us to understand how to become BIGGER lovers of Jesus every day!

Trees of all sizes start in the very same way: from a small seed deep in the ground. Once the seed breaks open, it sends out ROOTS and SHOOTS. The ROOTS grow down, deep into the dirt, with just one plan: FIND WATER! The SHOOTS grow up to the SUNLIGHT with just one plan: GROW!

Hey, that’s like us!

As long as we keep finding Jesus, our LIVING WATER, and keep believing in His LOVE and His WORD, which is like SONSHINE, we will ALWAYS keep GROWING!

Do you remember how we started 2021 at Revive Nations with Job 14: 7-9? This Word says a tree ALWAYS has hope, even if it is a really old stump. If the roots find water, a tree, no matter what age, can bud and put out new branches like a brand new tree!

Isn’t that AWESOME! A tree can ALWAYS grow, and so can you and I! No matter what has happened in our life, if we reach up for God, and grow strong in Him, we will keep growing! That is the AMAZING MERCY of our GOD!

Now, kids, the Bigger the ROOT, the larger the SHOOT, so we ALL need to keep growing deeper in God: by obeying HIs Word, walking in Love, and weathering life’s storms with TOTAL trust on our God. Just watch how the Lord grows you BIGGER and BIGGER as you stay ROOTED in HIM!

To learn more, head to RN Kids Episode 45 to enjoy this hilarious video about being ROOTED from our very own RN KIDS Team.

May the Lord shine bright in our life, and may our roots in Christ grow deeper every day! AMEN!

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