Preparing for the Midnight Hour (Part Two): Jesus Lovers – Charged with Consistency

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

June 19, 2020

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Preparing for the Midnight Hour

We welcome our RN Family and Readers to this exciting new series, Preparing for the Midnight Hour. Today, in Part Two, “Jesus Lovers: Charged with Consistency”, Pastor Shyju releases a powerful word for the Church to arise as Jesus-Lovers, which the Lord is waiting for! If you missed Part One, click here.

Have you ever wondered why some people get downloads from Heaven, while others seem deaf to His voice? Do you want fresh fire from the Lord today?

Join us in this brief introduction on Revelations. May the Lord mightily minister His Presence as you encounter His Truth today!

Revelation 1: 9: I, John, your brother and partner in the tribulation and the kingdom and the patient endurance that are in Jesus, was on the island called Patmos on account of the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus.

 The Book of Revelation is written by the Apostle John, based on his personal journey and encounters that God gave to this man of God to bless, guide and instruct the Church.

Who was Apostle John?

The youngest of the disciples of Jesus, John was well-known as the “beloved” of Jesus. John lay his head on the shoulders of his Master Jesus at every opportunity. This young man, of all the disciples, was intelligent enough to always place himself close to his Master.

This John, he made sure he was consistent in his love for the Lord. He did not necessarily walk on the water or do dramatic things like the other disciples, but he was so consistent in love, that at the Cross, when everyone else hid, there stood John, at the feet of Jesus. When Lord Jesus looked down, He offered His precious mother to the beloved one standing before Him.

The Lord cannot trust people who are not present. There John stood, when all others had departed.

Most of us desire to be used by God. We cry, “Lord, I want to be used by You!” Many of us, we talk about how much we love the Lord, but when hard times come, are we found standing? Dear friends, take a lesson from Apostle John:

All you need to do is be consistently found available. Consistently found available.

The problem with our generation, we may be very available for about one week. We may stay excited for a few months in zeal, but when our passion is tried by trials, like those other ten, we flee the One Who never forsakes.

Consistency is the foremost mark of a Jesus Lover. A Jesus Lover is consistently available, standing their ground, pursuing His heart.

Whether is it three weeks, three months, three years or three decades, Jesus Lovers are found before Him, and to those that remain, the Lord Jesus reveals Himself.

Now, Apostle John was not alone in history as a God Lover trusted with great revelation. Another beloved had a similar grace of seeing thousands of years into the end time. His name was Daniel.

When the angel of the Lord appeared to greet Daniel, he called him, Beloved! (Daniel 10:11) This Daniel, beloved of God, what was his strength as a God Lover? His consistency! Daniel had this same consistency to pursue and honour God.

Morning, afternoon and evening, Daniel was found consistently on his knees. His enemies who hoped to take him down, could not find any fault with this man of excellence. The only fault they could find was his faithful prayer life, so they decided to use that against him. This Daniel, beloved of God, was willing to face the lions’ jaws than break his devotion to Almighty God (Daniel 6).

When you are consistent in your pursuit after God, you become a great threat to the enemy. He will do everything to try to break your consistency with the Lord.

Friends of God are set apart.
They are earmarked.
They are easily identified by their steady pursuit of the Lord.
They show more than tell.


God is looking for someone with the grace to love like John, stability like Daniel, with self-control, a grace for high pain tolerance when the enemy tries his level best. At the closest intimidation, Jesus Lovers are not found denying their Lord. Whether their friends go or leave, like John, they will be found, planted at the feet of Jesus.

John was such a Jesus Lover, that when this man of God would not die in a burning pot of oil, though ordered to death by the Roman Emperor, Rome quickly shuttled him to the rocky Isle of Patmos and left this man there to die and again, he disturbed their plans!

For a child who loves Jesus, rejection is an opportunity to recreate the Garden of Eden on earth and then walk alone with the Lord in that garden! The perfect fellowship is the fellowship of the Holy Spirit! Jesus Lovers thrive in solitude with their King.

There, in that solitary place, deprived of every comfort, John the Beloved experienced the greatest encounters of heaven ever recorded, the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ.

People of God, the Lord Jesus is looking for Jesus Lovers to start a journey with Him, to reveal Himself in a way that generations prior to us have not experienced! The Lord is preparing something glorious for the Bride seeking the Lord with renewed passion in this Midnight Hour!

Hear the cry of the Spirit:

This is your time to fall in love with Jesus all over again! Discover the treasure of life as Jesus Lover! May you and your household be revived! May His revival fires burn bright, as we together, prepare for the coming of our Lord!

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