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Shyju Mathew

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January 6, 2016

I’ve compiled the Top 10 posts of 2015 for easy reference and the biggest insight from each post. I’d love to know what impacted you. If you have been blessed, make sure to subscribe and share this post with someone you care.

The Top 10

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Having just started blogging intentionally few years ago, I am shocked and amazed by all of what God is doing through this blog. Besides doing simultaneous translation in French, Spanish, and Italian (And soon in Hindi) one major change we brought is we removed the comment section from our blog posts, and took them to where the conversation has been happening the most, on your favourite social media!

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1. The Struggle Between The Promise And The Mistake
“No matter where you are in life there is always a heaven above you.”

2. 3 Things That Slow Down Intimacy With God ”
True intimacy with God will release the furnace of heaven on earth.”

3. Become Stronger Than Samson And Richer Than Solomon In 2015
“God will expose how imperfect you are and how much more you need Him to make you whole!”

4. Watch Out: 6 Areas Of Attack On The Mind
“The devil will bring guilt and condemnation in your heart so that he can steal your faith to go confidently to God.”

5. What Attracts God’s Divine Favor? #divinefavor Series
“God is most glorified through people who are hungry for His presence.”

6. Worshiping God Like The Seraphim – Unashamed Worshipper Series
“Expose yourself at the feet of Jesus. Become invisible so that He becomes visible.”

7.  Lessons On Anointing From The Life Of Elijah
“If you give the enemy the power to disappoint you then he can slow you down from your destiny.”

8. 10 Lessons From The Garden Of Eden
“Sin starts always with subtle suggestions. Sin don’t come billboard size. ”

9. Understanding The Prophetic In The Church
“The gifts given by the Holy Spirit are received by grace and fuelled by faith.”

10. Tapping Into God’s Divine Favour
“When you celebrate what God is speaking to you, it will explode.”


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