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Pastor Shyju Mathew is a Jesus lover and revivalist who, God has used to inspire, and ignite the first love of Jesus in the hearts of many thousands of people all over the world. Now based in Montreal Canada, Pastor Shyju and Tiny oversee many churches and their heart’s desire is to see people, churches, and nations falling in love with Jesus – all over again. preaching. Together, they are blessed with two children, Kathryn and Moses.

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  • Many successful people fall from two factors, self-division or division by another. Yet, the only remainder in thi…

A month ago I dozed off while meditating on a sermon and I saw a dream. A man with his head lowered down was facing the devil, and the devil asked for his mind. The man replied, “I will..,” he hesitated for a moment and then continued to say, “NEVER!” I woke up and immediately had the sermon for the evening, it was about the master who distributed the talents. The worker who got just one talent, entertained many assumptions and lies about his master. The enemy is always fighting your source. This blocked the multiplication of the grace given to him. Everyone may not have everything, but every person has something they have access to. That little something that has the potential to change everything in our life. Now it’s our responsibility to give the diligence that is due to the little something that we have. Protect it ferociously, and pass it down to the next generations! P.S - like my sketch of the dream? 😉 Will upload the sermon soon on

What to Do When Divine Providence Dries Up! - Pastor Shyju Mathew

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