There’s something fresh I want to share with you straight from the heart of God. Something that God revealed to me during my prayer time, something that has been burning in my heart since. Let’s get straight to this:  It’s about the third person in the Trinity – the precious, sweet & gentle Holy Spirit. Beware: Ignoring the third person in the Trinity is ignoring God himself!

Yes, we have been right in seeking the Holy Spirit for the manifestation of God’s power in terms of miracles, signs and wonders. But do you realize where our generation has gone wrong? We have been satisfied with just that- the outward display that suggests that God is present, that He is at work, helping us, healing us and handling our ‘businesses’ for us.

Holy Spirit desires intimacy with you
The Spirit of God longs to have a closer intimate relationship with each and every person in the body of Christ. As I type this I hear the groaning of the Spirit! I hear the Spirit of God longing for a personal relationship with you. Even though we seek Him for all the so called right biblical reasons such as His gifts, anointing & His power, however by ignoring the part of knowing Him as an individual we have indirectly ignored Him completely!

If this is you that God is speaking to, this is your wake up call – start longing for His presence, start listening to what He has to say to you, rather than try and get Him to say only what you want to hear!

Genesis: In the garden of Eden
It started in the garden of Eden where God longed to fellowship with us. But we walked away from Him! After a few thousand years, a man named Enoch walked with God and oh how God missed walking with man before that, so much so that HE caught hold of Enoch and did not let him go. The Bible says Enoch became one with God and he was no more to be seen. (Gen 5:24)

Old Testament: Israelites say No to Him
One day God visited the Israelites, but they said no to Him and begged Moses to be the spokesperson instead and God agreed and said, ‘what they say is right.’ (Deuteronomy 18:16-18)

New Testament: When God walked in flesh
If this was not enough, God removed the glory and the thunder part of it, and came and walked among us as man in flesh, but our forefathers denied him too! (Matthew 27: 22)

Acts 29- Its our time!
Now here we are with the Third person in the Trinity, for those who believe in heart, Jesus promised His Spirit, but do we still hear the cries of denying him?

Even though we think we are doing the right thing by desiring the manifestation of the Spirit let us not be wrong by forgetting His distinctiveness as a personality. I did not say it’s wrong to ask God for gifts but let this generation guard their heart. Let’s focus on the individuality of the Holy Spirit. Let’s spend time with Him to understand His heart, what grieves him, what makes Him happy.

Friends, it’s not about us, its all about Him. We are in His ministry and let us give Him the glory and honour that is due unto Him. Give Him your time; your self- that’s an invaluable irreplaceable gift in His eyes, seek Him more than anything, more than HIS hand seek His heart. Know His heartbeat.

Can we truthfully say today – GOD with or without the outward manifestations, the glitz, the glamour or the glory I am still committed to you, I will love you & follow you, the consequences are immaterial. God with or without the Thunders and the Wonders I am YOURS.

Men and women of God who are powerfully used by God did not get there by crying for gifts but because they developed a personal, intimate relationship with the Spirit; rest flowed into place.

In your car, in your office, at your house, in your shower, will you walk with Him? The Spirit of the living God waiting for a generation that would have an intimate fellowship with Him, come what may. Yes, it will be costly but I can assure you it is worth every bit of it! David said: I will not offer up on the alter what costs me nothing.

I leave you with this question, will you be the one?