Strongholds That Holds You!

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 28, 2008

A ‘Stronghold’ can be defined as something that has a strong grip; something that is covered left concealed and unexposed!

I remember what the Holy Spirit recently put in my heart-God cannot bless what you cannot give up and what you cannot give up is the stronghold in your life, which further becomes your bondage.

God brought the Israelites into Gershom at the point of famine under the leadership of Joseph for their relief. But soon they forgot about their God’s promises and their destiny in Him, and before long they were enslaved by the new Pharaoh. Isn’t it thought provoking that this happened in the same location that was a blessing and refuge to them few months ago!

God could not bless Isaac and multiply him unless Abraham recognized that he had to be more attached to God who gave him Isaac, than his son. Many a time we attach ourselves to the blessings in our lives and to such a degree that we often have a breakdown when that blessing slips away from our hand.(relationship, children, jobs, positions, status, wealth). The moment anything or anyone else takes away God’s rightful place in our heart, it becomes a stronghold and that opens the door for the devil to enter.

I believe the reason why many of God’s children are tied financially is because finance is a stronghold in their lives, so much so that they cannot part with it (and they have to think ten times before they give an offering to God!)

Think: What is the stronghold of your life? Is there any Hagar that God wants you, Abraham to let go of? Are there any five loaves and two fishes that you have been guarding too close to your heart to give away? Is there anybody or anything that you go to, to find solace or refuge in, other than God? Peter, after having let go of your boat do you return to it every now and then?

Remember Abraham saw God’s promise of one son becoming many nations materialize because he learnt to let go when God asked him to. Friends, what you let go is no longer a stronghold and therefore it is no more under the principality of darkness. Because when you let go, it is exposed to the light and the principalities of darkness have no power over it- so in the name of Jesus I speak into your life- LET GO!!! LET GO of everything that is not from God now! It may be painful, scary, may seem like a dead end, but trust me, its better to live in the freedom of His will than to be bound for the rest of your life.