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Shyju Mathew

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August 20, 2012

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The sluggard says, “There is a lion outside!” in Proverbs 22:13.

He goes on to say, “I will be murdered in the streets!

For those looking for an excuse, you won’t find one but a million. [tweet this]

Million excuses for not being able to pray or live holy.

Excuses are easy to find but they are worthless. Even best of our excuses are only worthy to destroy our focus.

Most things that are not from God seem to need no excuse to pursue but for something that is from God seems easier to quit with a flimsy excuse.


Excuses makes us less responsible and takes away the fizz in our passion in pursuing our challenges.

It’s amazing that a small drizzle is enough to put us off going to a service, but even a downpour won’t seem to have the power to stop you when you have a train or flight to catch.

Familiarity with the things of God removes the passion in serving the Lord. [tweet this]

It’s easy to be excited when things are going well but when the things get familiar or rough, excuses get plenty.

The story goes about Kathryn Kuhlman soon after she dedicated herself to preach, she fell on ice and fractured her leg. The doctor advised her to be on complete bed rest. But the passion to preach the gospel got her to drag her leg with the cast to the conferences. Kept her leg on a chair and preached for a month!

When your purpose in life is larger than your troubles, no excuses will rise.

Ponder: There is a nation waiting to be revived. There is no excuse for why you cannot be committed to blog.

No excuse for why you cannot come on time.

No excuse for why you cannot pray.

Pay no attention to the millions of excuses around you because God wants to change millions of destinies through you!

Be obsessed with the bigger picture, the purpose you were created for; then everything will be alright.

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