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Shyju Mathew

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September 4, 2012

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It was 30 years before Father God manifested Himself through the life of Jesus while He was on earth.

Can you imagine, nothing significant happening in your life for three decades? Just nothing. No one ever heard of the name ‘Jesus’ till then.


Then in the next 3 and half years in the appointed time, He turned the world upside down for eternity.

I am not afraid of not being used by God. I am afraid of being used by God too soon. Getting to that place without being ready is my nightmare.

Every time we choose charisma over character, fame over focus, nostalgia over discipline – we are digging our own grave. [Click To Tweet]

To succeed in the wrong time is disaster.

Nothing wrong in wanting to walk on the water, but to want to fly over it is ambition taking over.

Find that place of challenge where God wants to take you – but don’t let self esteem blur you from what God wants to what you want.

It’s not about you. It’s not about your success. It’s not about what people think about you. People who hate will hate you no matter what good you do.

It’s about what God wants, in His perfect time and in the right place.

Under His arms is the safest place to be.

So you have two options:

Strive in your own strength for 30 years and ‘may be’ have 3 years of results or let God make you like Him for 30 years and then get the full job done in 3 years.

Make character your crust, prayer and Word of God your base, and rest of the years will be filled with toppings that God has designed for you.

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