Is the F*** Word Now Common Among Believers?


Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

October 24, 2012

One late evening at an airport I saw a man dressed with a sharp grey suit that held his broad shoulders well, strolling down elegantly. Soon he pulled out his wallet and swiped his card for a cup of coffee.


With a quick sip of his hot coffee, he pulled hand baggage towards a nearby empty seat. And just as he was about to sit – the unthinkable happened!

The coffee slipped through his hand spilling on his shiny suit. And there in an instance out came the F* word (and some other words that I haven’t heard before.)

Ouch – that didn’t go well!

What About Christians?

I began to ponder on how as Christians it’s no more how it used to be, and the fact is here and there in our generation, some have not been shy or become bolder about voicing their acute frustrations in such verbal manner.

One (Christian) young man said that it was his way of venting his anger. Another mentioned how he was always surrounded with friends and colleagues who used these swear words casually and that had caused an influence.

If you are reading this post and wondering what I am talking about, you must thank God you are guarded from all that pollution. However not everyone in our generation are anymore and that is why I felt it was important to address this subject.

Getting to the Issue

I am afraid that we in our generation are exposed to so much filth that it has now started to be accepted as “normal”.

But this is how the enemy works! He often makes filth so easily available in all areas of life that slowly one begins to auto-detune subconsciously without feeling any grievance to it.

Now that does not have to be limited only to swear or curse words. It can be those subtle romantic moves in a movie, those moral-less cute sexy music videos that you entertain, those really funny comedies/serials that encourage adultery and the likes – all of them come under this category.

Mind you, it’s the enemy’s way of dangerously letting those become subtle seeds in the subconscious part of your heart and mind. And before you know – you are behaving just like what you thought you would never-ever do!

Guard Your Heart

Any sin you do not fight off furiously, falls as a seed in the back of your mind only to sprout in your weak moments. [Click To Tweet]

This post is not to condemn my generation – however as a brother allow me to caution you. Furiously guard your heart. Guard your mind. Because out of your heart is where wellsprings of life flows. And it flows for a reason. And the reason it flows is to bless the destinies of thousands of others in your generation and beyond.

Do not allow the fresh and the bitter water to flow out of you.(James 3:11) Let’s guard our hearts so that we may remain in tune with the Holy Spirit for our Master’s perfect use and glory!

Discuss: I’d really like to know your thoughts. How common has the F* word and the likes become around you. What do you do to overcome it? How do you handle it when friends use that language with you? Your turn now!