Bigg Boss TV, Little Kathryn & Intentional Living

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

February 6, 2013

It was just another beautiful, uneventful evening as I flipped through my TV channels. As I did, I came across this show that seemed to be going viral, called Bigg Boss, wherein famous personalities are put into a “house” for several months, insulated from the outside world, and having only each other for company.


For either TRP ratings or out of genuine frustration, they were screaming and hurling things at each other. It wasn’t even a minute into it when I heard screamings in MY house.

I was startled to see my nine month old little Kathryn, pointing at the TV and screaming back at them. I am sure she had no clue of what was happening but here she was imitating what she had seen half a minute ago. It did not take me another second to switch off my television in total shock of what had happened.

I realised how the atmosphere in the house mattered in shaping of my child’s character.

I happened to speak to two leaders who were worried about the young people in their church. There was much division and bitterness. “Your youth will follow the atmosphere the leaders create in the Church”, was the only comment I could make.

I want to address every single and married person reading this post. Your efforts to build a godly character is not just for your good. What you invest into your character, heart and mind will also mould a generation after you.

How often have you looked into yourself and noticed something that your parents often do. Have you come across something in yourself you swore your children would not follow? Here’s some news for you. Advice don’t change your generation after you, your actions do. [ClickToTweet]

I write to you with urgency, I hope you do not have to wait till you have your own startling discoveries. Be the change you want to bring to your generation.

You cannot afford to wait till tomorrow. The change must begin today.

Here are few to just start with:

– Love someone unlovable
– Start practising patience
– Be slow to anger!
– Be quick to forgive!
– Walk blameless before God
– Keep your word
– Help, invest and add value into someone everyday

Remember not to live for yourself. You are created to be a history maker in this generation. Let’s be intentional about it!

Have we forgotten intentional living? Which are the areas we need to practise this? Share your heart here!


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