Critics, Criticism & Christianity

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

March 17, 2013

Doesn’t it amaze you to find out that no matter how many appreciate us, we are more concerned of the few who didn’t appreciate or have anything good to say? Do critics matter?


The fact is that, no matter what we do, critics don’t change. They will either leave us alone only till they find something else to fight us or leave us alone only when they find someone else that they don’t like.

What Criticism Tells You

Critics tell you that your work was worth being commented on. It means that you confounded their set expectations and gave them something to talk about. That is certainly better than producing work that goes totally unnoticed.

The challenge is in figuring out which kind of critic is worth paying attention to. Some people are just noisy by nature and some others are simply difficult to handle. You must ask the question: Is this person just loud or is this someone who celebrates you?

The Best Criticism

If there is anything that can stop you from doing more, it is fear; not just fear of failure but the fear of criticism too.

The fear of criticism can cripple you from being more creative! [ClickToTweet] It forces you to stick to the tried and tested methods.

The Bible is full of criticism in the form of correction and love! One without the other does not help your growth.

Hence, the best criticisms are from those who genuinely love, promote and celebrate you. It is in it that you grow beyond what you have already achieved. Those are the real people who have no secret agendas or desire to tear you apart. They are the ones who will, in fact, build you.

They are the ones who also help you do better next time. Look out for them. Soak up all advice from those informative people. They are your heaven-sent life-line.

On the other hand, pleasing a frustrated/jealous Christian is simply impossible. In your desire to please everyone the chances are that you will burn out.

Has criticism hurt you in the past? What are the crucial lessons you’ve learnt?