5 Facts To Rise Above Every Hate (Overcoming Offence Series)

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

August 28, 2014

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Overcoming Offence

Imagine someone saying I’m going to punch you but you are not allowed to be offended. That’s exactly what Jesus taught. Everything in our flesh seems to go against that principle of unconditional love.


Who really does not want to fight back a guy who is trying to steal your jacket? And who really is willing to let go of his/her scarf as well, along with the jacket?

Matt 5:39 says, do not resist an evil person. Be intentional about letting him get the best of you. When you do that you don’t become the fool. Instead you are allowing God to fight your battle.

Please remember, the ‘Jesus’ in you can draw a lot of attacks of the enemy. People will hate you just because you are a Christian. People will fight you because you love your Bible. People will slander you simply because you pray more than them.

Your love and faithfulness for God will draw all kinds of attacks from the enemy. [tweet this]

And Jesus goes on to tell those of us in that kind of situation not to take any offence! (Matt5:12) Instead our Lord encourages us to rejoice. Oh and not just rejoice but to be glad!! Now are you glad that people fight, slander, offend you? Well if no is your answer, it’s time to put the smile back on your face and give them a hug with all your heart.

If someone’s words can pull you down, then that means their words have more power over you than the Words of Christ in your heart.

Let no words of mortal men persuade you to disbelieve that you’re any less favourite of your Father in heaven! You may have done what they say you did, but you are still what God says you are. [tweet this] Your sin and failures don’t stand a chance before the cross!

The only person that you can hurt by taking offence is yourself. [tweet this] I met a friend who was hurt by someone. This person was so hurt that she withdrew even from having communion at church for months together. But the fact was that the person who hurt her went about as if nothing ever happened.

The only way the offender has power over the one who is offended is when the latter takes offence! So choose not to take offence. Overcome every offence you harbour in your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you right now to tear out every root of bitterness in your heart even as you read this post.

Look into your heart at every offence and make these five powerful confessions:

1. The only words that are true and powerful over my life are the Words of my Master through the Bible. And His Words are life eternal!

2. The only action that will have effect over me is the action of Christ on the Cross! Human actions are frail and fragile and therefore all human actions are pardonable. [tweet this]

3. I am not defined by who accepts or rejects me because I am forever accepted by my Lord Jesus who died for me!

4. I forgive first because I need forgiveness. I love unconditionally because I am unconditionally loved by God.

5. Jesus completes me! “The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want! He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters and He restores my soul (Psalm 23:1-3).

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