The Mystery of Giants in Your Land

Shyju Mathew

"Experience the Word of God, in the power of the Spirit."

November 18, 2019

If you had to slay a giant, what would matter the most: your size, armour, weapon or revelation? To get the answer, look to Abraham, the quarry from which you are hewn. Isaiah 51:1 ESV

When God called Abraham, He said, “Leave your country, your family, and your relatives and go to the land that I will show you.” Gen 12:1 CEV

God didn’t tell Abraham where He was taking him. You never tell a servant what the agenda is. Abraham simply obeyed God, because Abraham was a faithful servant.

Many believers follow God by sight, not by faith. There is a place where you do not need to see with physical eyes, in order to know what your spirit knows. There is a place in maturity, where you are not limited by His physical presence to know God is faithful.

From this very place of faith, Abraham followed God.

When you walk with God, you can move in your relationship from stage to stage. In this place, God begins to study, to observe, to watch you.

Friend, God is observing you.

Abraham battled plenty of wars from Canaan to Egypt, difficult conflicts he could not avoid.

Many people, when they face a battle, question God. The Israelites were so spiritually frail, God routed the entire nation around a potential battlefield out of Egypt, rather than lead them directly into war. God knew if they fought a battle, they would choose slavery, and head back to Egypt, choosing further decades of bondage than trusting His goodness.

God could not depend on these guys. They wanted their blessings on a silver platter, some, delivered on a golden platter! Throughout their journey, the ex-slaves kept demanding blessings without a fight. Little did they know, their blessings were currently being stewarded by giants.

You may not have the capacity to steward the blessings God has stored for you, because the blessings may be bigger than you can carry!

In mercy and wisdom, God ordained giants to take care of grapes bigger than baseballs, on branches heavier than one man’s grasp, while He waited for the Israelites to grow ready.

People with little foresight saw the giants and muttered “We seemed like grasshoppers!” Num. 13:33. Instead of celebrating the giant-sized blessings as ones to grow into, the Israelites cried for God to reduce the blessings down to their size.

Their stubborn self-imposed limitations brought the Israelites 40 years of grief and judgment. God responded that He could not trust people who would prefer being in chains than grow their capacity to receive the kind of blessings He had ordained. What a tragedy.

What do you do, when the blessing God has ordained for you is bigger than your current spiritual stage?

In order for one to have dominion, you are required to learn the art of war. There is no dominion without battles. Whether is it marriage, finances, or ministry, there are no areas where you can have a victory without first learning to battle the giants guarding your blessing.

Jesus said, “But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man.” Mark 3:27 ESV. A strong blessing is always guarded by a strong man. Even though you may not feel strong as a giant today, God is going to teach you how to overcome the strong man!

Listen carefully: You do not become an overcomer by growing bigger muscles than last year. You become a strong man by overcoming the strong man.

To listen to further details, click here for the video with Pastor Shyju sharing this powerful teaching on Giant slaying.

David did not beat Goliath by growing 15 feet tall. David overcame by finding the right pebble, learning to put the stone in the right sling, learning the art of swinging the correct number of times required for acceleration and learning the art of pinpointing that one vulnerable point enough to take the giant down.

Some of you have been feeling exhausted and desperate, looking at giants who stand before you and asking, “Lord, how many decades will it take before I grow as tall as my giants?”

Wrong question.

You do not need to grow as tall as your giant! When the Spirit of God comes upon you like He came upon David, you will take down what generations could not defeat!

In this place, greatness does not require taking steroids. Greatness does not require the route others have taken. Greatness requires me to increase in understanding of what is possible with my God. [tweet this]

When Abraham began to align with His God, suddenly he began perceiving situations through Almighty God.

Abraham realized, “I don’t need to do things the way my father used to do. I disconnect myself from the natural way of limitations. I plug into the dominion of the God whom I serve. There is no battle that I cannot win!”

With God, there is no battle you cannot win.

Your revelation is either your limitation or your advantage. Make peace with yourself, that lifelong, you will have to fight people who do not share your revelation of the All- Powerful God.

People will challenge what you know, because they do not know your reality. Folks will challenge what you see, because they cannot see with your eyes. Loved ones will challenge what you hear, because they cannot hear what you are hearing.

Stay true to the God who loves you.

Nothing is going to stop you from getting your breakthrough!

God is leading you into your land of promise! Your giant-sized blessings are waiting! Like your Father Abraham, grab hold of the revelation of your God and march forward!

Watch the video here.